MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation in Albania

The Three Core Areas of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation


to work with women providing new and extended services in the most marginalized, excluded, and isolated parts of Albania and in 2014 to open projects called URAT for prevention against trafficking and YEP working with Youth. To extend the services of the work with prisoners to deepen and enrich their pastoral care. In the fi of anti-traffi the networks will be extended and direct action will be taken to raise awareness and protect the individual in Albania and Europe against this growing phenomena of modern day slavery. Children from the ethnic minority communities will be supported in a centre especially dedicated to their care. A new Think Tank Education in Albania is established to work at systemic change.


– to provide strong, enriched and well founded networks within all structures. This will allow new ways of working which will strengthen the impact of this work and produce greater visibility for the action. The action will transform individuals, groups, and hopefully society to perform greater works of justice, act in sincerity and lead us to a freedom which brings new life and hope.


To provide a framework for the action which will ensure greater sustainability for all of the work. Together is much stronger than being alone.

Mary Ward Loreto :

Mary Ward Loreto is a nonprofit  organization providing development programs for vulnerable communities in Albania. This organization has as its inspiration the charism of Mary Ward, the fundamental values of which are: FREEDOM, JUSTICE and SINCERITY. The essence of this charism is to respond to the greatest needs in today’s world through education and any other means. The organization forms partnerships and works with 6 main groups; women in rural and informal regions of Albania, youth in rural and informal regions of Albania, victims of traffi   prisoners from 9 prisons in the Tirana/Durres diocese, children form the ethnic minority groups, and into the future with men from the informal and rural regions of Albania. Think Tank Education in Albania is a new initiative working for systemic change.


Is to enhance personal development and better quality of life for members of local communities, notably vulnerable populations, thus enabling everyone to claim their right to human dignity.


Mary Ward Loreto will be nationally recognized as the main organization in support of freedom, justice and hope in Albania. We will be known for strong advocacy, operational excellence and taking the initiative to add value to vulnerable populations through customized products and services. We will sustain our operations through the working partnerships of all organizations, projects and working Boards who will be part of this loose structure.

Funding will be achieved through partnerships with funding bodies and Mary Ward Loreto will have a working Board who will ensure the sustainability of the Foundation.


As an organization, Mary Ward Loreto will achieve its vision through steadfast adherence to its core values of FREEDOM,JUSTICE and SINCERITY.


In 1609, a young Yorkshire woman left England to follow God’s call. She broke new ground in her service to those who would otherwise lack sufficient care and nurture, especially in the education of women. She gathered a growing number of young women who shared her vision and commitment for a ministry “in the world”. They took the same constitutions as The Society of Jesus, supported by a spirituality that sought freedom, justice and sincerity in all things. This way of life emphasises both reflection and action to serve “wherever the need is greatest”. Her journey to this end was difficult and painful and she died seeing little fruit for her toil. But referring all to God she encouraged all to be of good cheer.

Her gravestone reads: “To love the poor, persevere in the same, live, die, and rise with them, was all the aim of Mary Ward…” Her example and writings have much to teach us.