Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Service Learning project in Lezha, Albania.

The MWL Foundation in a joint effort with Rogationist school in Lezhe is implementing the Service-Learning methodology which is planned to be a pilot study project.  The pilot study is ongoing in partnership with a local school and local community activists.

Service learning involves students in service projects which apply classroom learning in collaboration with local organizations that exist to effect positive change in the community. It is defined as “a philosophy, pedagogy, and model for community development that is used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.”

Service learning is learning through action. The students apply what they learn in class to community issues and at the same time learn from the experience as they achieve real objectives for the community.

The pedagogical staffs of Rogationist School are working closely with the MWL staff and the students planning all together the implementation of this new learning approach.  Through the service learning programme, the young people involvement will increase their communication skills and their interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others.  In addition, they will develop personal leadership skills.

The training of the pedagogical staff and 37 students from the School government means that they have been introduced to the methodology and have prepared for the stages of the project implementation.

The students have been trained in the project cycle management to understand what are the stages of a Service Learning project in order to apply these stages into the concrete implementation of the SL projects which will be initiated by the students. Please click here to read the full report.