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Report on the situation in Zall Bastar.

The dense rain precipitation in early December caused a lot of damage to Zall Bastar’s territory. The river level rise has collapsed the electricity pillars and the area has been left without powered for a long time. The rainfall intensity was unusual and powerful, resulting in extraordinary damage. The association “For the Gender integration Association”, an association that operates in the area for years and also supported by the “Mary Ward Loreto” Foundation, has identified the following damages:

We point out that the axes connecting the villages with the unit center are totally damaged.

Dense rain has collapsed the bridges and this has totally blocked the villages, the pupils ability to go to school. Nothing works in the area involved. Assistance from the local or central government has been scarce and this has made the situation worse in relation to need.

There is great damage in the Bridges:

  • Totally damaged, the bridge that connects Upper Elevation Village with the Unit blocking in approximately 800 inhabitants. The problem is their supply of food and feed-based supply to livestock. In this area 15 houses are damaged.
  • Damaged footbridges in Fezaj Neighborhood, which has led to children being prevented from attending school as it is the only way to connect residents of this area with the Middle and 9-year schools.
  • The bridge linking Vilëz village with the center of the unit and the capital partly damaged but impassable even for heavy vehicles, blocked over 1000 inhabitants.
  • Bastar Bridge connecting the villages of Bastar Mesëm – Bastar Murrizë with the unit and the capital is partially damaged. It is totally damaged at Bastar Mesme, Bastar Murrizë, where 1200 inhabitants are blocked from any transport.
  • The Zall-Dajti Bridge is partly damaged. This is the only road linking Zall-Bastar Administration Unit to the Capital.

Attached to this information are some pictures from these floods.