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Mary Ward Loreto Annual Report 2014

Mary Ward Loreto Staff 2014
Mary Ward Loreto Staff 2014

Executive Summary

“Far below the surface of the ocean, a soft bodied creature with a single eye, unruly tentacles and a strong outer shell knows what it takes to embrace change. The chambered nautilus has survived for 400 million years. It continues to thrive to this day by jet propelling itself into the unknown. It has navigated ancient seas and changing currents by building an ever-expanding shell in which it lives. Over time, as it grows, it builds a new, larger chamber and vacates the previous one. It always lives in the newest chamber. The other vacated chambers are individually sealed and injected with varying amounts of gas that allow the nautilus to regulate its buoyancy and movement. Past chambers help the creature stay afloat.” (Information, the Bulletin of the Religious Formation Institute, 21, 4, Winter 2012

In 2014 Mary Ward Loreto, in a fast and challenging way, has cast off its first chamber and has taken the risk to step out into the unknown and to allow new chambers to grow out of the strong foundation created in 2013.  From just four staff in its beginning two years ago, there are now 17 staff and many volunteers. The charism and ethic of Mary Ward has been the force and energy penetrating the structure and each member. This has given the body a strong focus and a way forward with the principles of Freedom, Justice, and Sincerity rooting steadily in each person and in each project as it emerges in its implementation. Continue reading “Mary Ward Loreto Annual Report 2014” »