Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

MWW project located in Kallmet of Lezha district has focused its efforts to improve women’s lives in three dimensions including human and social development and improving the level of incomes for women through the undertaking of economic initiatives.  Women lack education and vocational trainings and as result they lack employment. They are mostly skilled in agriculture and livestock. The women engaged in agriculture projects, even though they live in a village area, either lack land or they own very small surfaces of land. Based on their existing experiences, the women’s group has agreed to undertake an agriculture initiative.  Upon the advice of agriculture specialists and project staff the women agreed to plant Kallmet beans which is a well-known agriculture product in the area. This product enhances the name of the village and the objective of the initiative was to promote the cultivation of local products which relate historically and agriculturally to the village. These beans are now being sold in the most prestigious restaurants in the area.

Furthermore the learning experiences of working with women indicated that only by working in the field can you address the needs of small groups of women in order to really impact the women’s lives. Besides this grass root work it is indispensable to work with institutions such as Social Services, the Employment Office and the Municipality. In order to address women’s needs both work needs to be at grass root level and for systemic change it needs to be developed at decision taking level through the collaboration with local institutions. Together we will aim to sustain change in women’s lives   Mary Ward Loreto Women Project is in these months expanding and opening a new office in Lezhe to work in different levels for this systemic change.