Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

DE_logoMWL sustains through donation, the education and administration centre for the NGO, D&E, which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of trafficked victims.  MWL and D&E work in partnership in many fields to support one another in this joint focus for the eradication of the trafficking in human persons.


 Education Center- Narrative Report: October 2015- March 2016

kThis is a six-month report of the Daily Education Centre of Different & Equal. During this period, the centre has offered many courses and activities, with the goal of delivering quality education and service, leading to academic, professional and personal success for the victims and potential victims of trafficking. Please click here to download the report..


ANNUAL REPORT 2014 – 2015


This report reflects the work done in the Educational Centre of “Different & Equal” organization, daily frequented by all its beneficiaries of the three phase’s reintegration program. Referring to the beneficiaries, D&E has established a program of assistance that is inclusive for different categories of beneficiaries. A considerable percentage of beneficiaries in the program are minors, many other come from different ethnic groups, some other beneficiaries are pregnant or mothers accompanied by their children, and another category of the beneficiaries in the program are cases with mental health disorders. D&E has tailored the program to address the specific needs of the different categories of beneficiaries. All this was made possible thanks to the generous support of the donor and MARY WARD LORETO and the serious dedication of the instructors, staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. For more information please read the report…

Joint ventures include

different and equal projectVolunteering work with the victims in the centre.  The girls are as young as 14 years and may have been trafficked for years. Many come traumatized and badly damaged both physically and mentally. They will have been trafficked for sexual exploitation both abroad and within the country. The referral of Albanian rescued victims who come to the attention of MWL and RENATE, through their websites, and who need to be supported once they are deported back to Albania.  This demands a great deal of discreet communication and follow up work between the person referring from either the UK or another European country, and with the contact person at MWL or RENATE. This is followed up immediately with the CEO of D&E who does the follow up work in Albania with the police and border control. This work has proved to be most successful and is one way of protecting the victims through a carefully controlled and confidential network. D&E are highly professional specialists in this field, and we at MWL feel supported by this NGO in our work against trafficking in human persons.

MWL and D&E also collaborate in the development of the work of URAT and the CEO of D&E is on the Board of MWL.  She is also on the advisory board of MWW.  MWL and D&E collaborate in round tables to help donors and other statutory bodies understand the work of anti-trafficking. This has led to joint action in the field. (D&E Annual Report available on request) http://www.differentandequal.org/

This was painted and written by one of the trafficked girls

A professional rehabilitation programme is realised at this shelter. There are up to 100 victims supported either at the shelter or in apartments in Tirana. Follow up support continues in basic post traumatic support both physical and mental, right through to reconiliation programmes with their families, or re settlement into apartments. Girls are also accompanied to the necessary visits with lawyers and to court hearings. This will be part of the process of the denunciation of the trafficker by the victim, should she wish to take this action. She is also helped into employment through vocational training, and so into independence and empowerment.