Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Mary Ward Loreto in UK

Led by its Founder President Sister Imelda Poole IBVM MBE- who is also a member of the English Province of the Loreto Sisters who have from the beginning provided a home and a supportive base for MWL – the Mary Ward Foundation has its own developing presence in the UK, which suffers from Albanian human trafficking more than most other countries. In fact UK is the second most trafficked country in Europe. Working cross-border between both Albania and UK is critical to rescuing victims and stamping out this crime. And Sister Imelda and her team have been working to this end for the last 15 years.

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Uniting Britain and Albania against human trafficking

Britain is the second most trafficked country in Europe. Nearly 150,000 victims end up here each year. Over 00% of them are from Albania: mostly women and young girls. They have been lured, under the promise of money and a better life, into prostitution, forced labour and marriage, selling drugs and ultimately destitution, by Albanian trafficking gangs who control a lion’s share of this vast criminal network.

But not all Albanians are gangsters.

MWL- the Mary Ward Loreto Foundation – is based in Albania with a strong presence throughout Britain – and is fighting the battle against trafficking on both fronts.
In Albania it has six centres for counselling potential victims, rescuing and restoring victims back to their homes or to a new life, generating social businesses, dispensing counselling, psychological therapies, legal, family and accommodation advice.

In Britain it provides absolutely vital online counselling services through their experts in Albania- in Albanian as usually necessary for the victims – and also works through a wide number of local British charities, shelters, community organisations, housing and law centres to help deliver rescue and protection for victims and potential victims. It also helps victims access legal advice and legal aid and helps them prepare and cooperate in all-important court hearings and subsequent prosecutions of traffickers.

The UK Friends are our wonderful friends in Britain who support what we do

It’s a simple subscription scheme at levels that everyone can join
It gives our Foundation financial stability for our work across both countries
With your help we can STOP the trafficking between Britain and Albania
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– Access to a wide selection of ongoing programmes of workshops and seminars on trafficking organised by ourselves and our associates throughout the UK
– Friends donating £200 per month will be invited to our Film Festival at BAFTA Piccadilly on September 12th, 2021
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WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES: From our Loreto Albania Hope account with the Royal Bank of Scotland to our Foundation’s bank account in Tirana where it’s immediately outlaid on key projects in Albania and in the UK
£1000 could pay for
– a year’s worth of sufficient training materials, stationery and equipment needed for the centres to develop activities and support a group of vulnerable young people in vocational training and acquiring key skills.
£2500 could pay a year’s costs for each of the following:
– Transport costs for beneficiaries to attend vocational training including MWL vehicle maintenance especially due to travel in and out of remote mountainous areas
– a summer camp for youngsters with a programme of leadership and community activities in any area designated at risk of human trafficking
– food packages for 2 families FOR HOW LONG?
– Vocational training for two young adults
£5000 could pay for
• a salary for an MWL social worker to work with victims or potential victims for a year
• a year’s education costs for three girls living in a vulnerable environment
• medical expenses for three women and children who are at risk kin life threatening conditions
• rescue operations for two women, including accommodation until they have been re-integrated into the labour market and are self-sufficient financially
• – a vehicle -suitable to enable MWL workers to access remote areas to support victims and potential victims in the most isolated and vulnerable communities
£10,000 could pay for
– a leadership training programme for young women (or men) to realise their potential and become a force for change within their own communities FOR HOW LONG?
– two social-enterprise or cooperative businesses run by MWL, sustaining at least 20 young people in danger of exploitation FOR HOW LONG?
– a year’s full servicing and maintenance of the MWL website and IT comms systems
– one year’s salary for two social workers
– a full year’s ongoing medical and social-worker assistance for at least 5 at-risk women
£20,000 could pay for
• The costs of an Advice Centre for a year. Coordinating prevention and rescue work for potential victims. One Centre in each of the key regions of Albania would maintain support infrastructures for at least 200 people.

• A rolled-out training- for- employment programme, aimed at youngsters living in vulnerable and remote environments – offering employment opportunities and enabling them to avoid being tempted by endless so-called offers of “migration” FOR HOW LONG?
• One year’s salary cost for three psychologists supporting potential trafficking victims suffering from abuse traumas

£5,000 could pay for
• Six months’ worth of online counselling services from our headquarters in Albania into Britain, directly contacting and supporting trafficked victims and potential victims wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances
£10,000 could pay for
• Travel, visa, and accommodation costs for an MWL psychologist to make two extensive visits in a year -to Britain, conducting one-on-one sessions with Albanian survivors in UK shelters
• A team of two/three leading Albania-based experts to visit Britain to meet with leaders of the Albanian communities. Engage them into co-operation. Increase their understanding of the “false myth” of migration to UK being offered victims back home in Albania; and of its catastrophic personal outcomes.. So that Albanians abroad, particularly in UK, as well as those at home, become more proactive in working to help stamp out their notorious trafficking industry. So that they recognise that their homeland is held in contempt by much of the civilised world as a centre of organised crime of the worst type and that momentum is growing across the world to wipe their activities out.
£20,000 could pay for
• One year’s upkeep of a co-ordinating and advice centre for our work in Britain

“Women in time to come will do much” Mary Ward


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“Women in time to come will do much” Mary Ward