Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Service Learning project in Lezha.

The Service learning  project is a joint effort undertaken by Mary Ward Loreto and the Rogationist school in Lezhe and it is ongoing.  Forty students are involved in the project implementation and they are actively engaged in taking forward this new learning methodology.

This project is helping youth to walk through the Service Learning project stages step by step. The Service Learning project stages led to the students choosing two community projects to be led by them with the municipality collaboration.  The topics chosen were:  Bullying and “ Life during the Time of Communism”. Teachers and the education department are supporting the process and especially the teachers are collaborating in the implementation of this methodology.

A lot of emphases is placed on the process where the philosophy of service learning is: “Service learning is learning through action”.

Students working in groups;
2 project ideas selected;
– Bullying
– Life During the Time  of Communism
MWL  & school staff continue to support;

Students are very enthusiastic and that fills us with hope that we are on the right way to prepare students for service, which is the main objective of Service Learning.The students and the school chose these two topics because both of these two phenomena are affecting the youngsters. Bullying is quite a concern for the youth, families, parents and the communities. The student’s working groups are drafting the project activities on these phenomena, to lobby and increase the awareness in the community and schools.

The project “ Life during time of Communism”  has highlighted the fact that the students have not experienced this while their  parents – yes . The education system is lacking history of communism, and the students through the SL methodology wish to involve their parents and the community to learn more about that important and dreadful period that the Albanian society went through for fifty years.

Students working in group
Impacting systemic change in the Education System in Albania.

Mrs. Shpresa Deliaj, Board Member of the MWL Education Project since the beginning, presented the findings of the MWL Education research “Ethics in the Education System”” at EAPRIL 2017 in Häme University of Applied Sciences, Hämeenlinna, Finland as Roundtable at the end of November, 2017. Albania participated for the first time in this international roundtable, through MWL Foundation. Mrs. Shpresa Deliaj had 30 minutes for her speech plus comments and discussion to present the findings of the MWL Education research “Ethics in the Education System”. The next two days was a training on the Pedagogy of teaching, pre and in service teacher training, and working life skills. International businesses participated in the conference and promoted the Education System and the new technology.

The participation of MWL at this event, followed up the launching of the research at the Education conference. It was a great opportunity. Mrs Shpresa Deliaj hopes to organize a roundtable with the Ministry of Education here in Albania, to share the findings of the Education research and the experience in Finland, encouraging the teachers and students to apply for Erasmus + exchange.  In the next EApril bulletin the paper presented by Shpresa Deliaj will be published.  The link for this will be in MWL newsletter 10.


During MWL Education Board Meeting
Mary Ward Loreto Logistics team ensuring the distribution of the published book on the Research in Education. 

Logistics in Mary Ward Loreto as a sector supports running of the projects and the Mary Ward Loreto Foundation in general. This department’s function is to ensure the implementation of the action is performed at the level of excellence. At this time the logistics team is ensuring the distribution of the published book on the Research in Education led by MWL within the education project.  These books will be distributed to many universities, schools and kindergartens where this study was accomplished by Mary Ward Loreto, throughout Albania, with the collaboration of the ministry of culture.

Since January 2018 we have distributed these books in many counties and villages of Albania, such as Tirana, Kamza, Lushnja, Puka, Kruja, Lezha, Librazhdi, Gramsh, Peqin, Gjirokaster and Tepelena.

In the field, with great passion, the logisitics team have not only distributed the books but have also explained the value of using this book in the schools to build up ethical values and ways of working.  This is the time when Albania aspires to join the European Union and ethics, democratization and standards are a high priority for joining the union. MWL launched the book at an event in Tirana last September. The name of the conference, as of the book is: Ethics in the Education System in Albania”. MWL will have another conference to highlight the issues in this Research at a conference in Shkoder on 19th May, 2018.