MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Coping with the domestic violence.

Every day women and children in Albania are facing domestic abuse. This is a phenomenon quite normal in rural areas and even in the towns. Due to Albania’s patriarchal society and economic problems, these women and children are forced to accept and submit to this painful reality.

There is a strong, courageous woman in the MWL Women’s Group in Fier, a mother of two teenage sons and a married daughter. She dared to pull down the secret surrounding domestic violence wall, which has been built by all of us in our own way.  This person has been a victim of domestic violence for many years, she decided to break the silence, saying ‘NO’ to the domestic violence. She denounced her husband who is now in prison vecause of his cruelty towards her.

She closed her ears to the judgments and the pressure of her relatives and her neighbors. She struggled in her decision to divorce the man who has been abusing her for so long. She bravely made this life changing decision.

MWL has referred her case to the Social Services in Fier Municipality and to a lawyer. MWL is also following up her case with emotional, consultative and informative support.

She is following the tailoring course at MWL Women Center and making handiwork. She testifies that she now feels relieved after this decision and is now part of an active group at MWL Women Center.


Supporting women in need.

During October, two women from the group have taken the initiative to make use of the 6 Dyn of land which used to be cultivated for sage, by investing in planting wheat. They have been ploughing, milling and then planting the wheat seeds. MWL has invested in this initiative by paying the rent for the land and the seasonal ploughing. The women have also invested 42.300 ALL for other ministration processes of the land, wheat seeds, and the fertilizer.




English Course for women in Tropoja.

Education is the strongest weapon to fight vulnerability and increase the empowerment of women and girls. The MWLW project, which operates in Tropoja, provided the english language course for 11 girls in the village of Raja. They are happy about this initiative and are engaged in teaching the initial level of English.






Collaboration with local partners in the city of Bajram Cyrri is one of the key ways of helping develop community services.

Mary Ward Loreto attended a meeting with local partners: representatives from the Municipality of Bajram Cyrri, the Education Directorate, The Community School “Ali Podrimja”, representatives from the Police, the Directorate of Public Health and local NGO-s.

The aim of the meeting was to identify the key problems facing the city of Bajram Cyrri and to strengthen the cooperation between all the key stakeholders. The participants discussed the up-coming anti-trafficking buy xanax month and the coordination of activities during this time.




MWL Fier in cooperation with the Peace Corps Fier volunteer, organized three days of a summer camp with young girls.

MWL Fier in cooperation with the Peace Corps Fier volunteer, organized a three day summer camp with young girls. Topics covered in this camp were: the Fight against Human Trafficking, Leadership and Communication Skills as well as mental health, stress and depression. These were particularly related to young people. During these activities, the girls also engaged in various energizing games or in cooking delicious biscuits. The girls had 3 days of intensive interaction with each other. This activity made it possible to discover invaluable information about them through these socializing activities. They expressed the desire to have more similar activities especially during the summer vacation period. 12 young girls participated in this summer camp.