MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

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Easter Edition, Mary Ward Loreto Newsletter No. 12, 2019.

This is MWL’s 12th newsletter and we hope that it will brighten your Easter Season with news from MWL all over the country. We tell stories from the areas, share best practice and new initiatives which have taken place since our last newsletter. At this Easter time, may this news inspire you to join with us in our attempt to make a small difference in this part of the world, with joy in all of our hearts and a spring in our step! Enjoy reading it!

Please click here to read the Easter Edition, MWL Newsletter No. 12, 2019. In English.  Click here to download the PDF format.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar Buletinin e Pashkëve, nga Fondacioni Mary Ward Loreto, Prill, 2019. Në Shqip.



Published Date: 18th April 2019
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“MIGRATION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES IN THE COMMUNITY”- Forum with the community and actors involved, Shkodra, March 26, 2019.


A forum on Immigration and Its Consequences in the Community was held on March 26th in Shkoder, Albania.

On the speaker panel was Prof. Roland Dodani, Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Shkodra; Mr. Engjell Gjugja, Coordinator of the Youth Center Atelie; Mr. Dode Mehmetaj, representative of DRFPP Shkoder; Mimoza Kallaqi, Representative of the Shkoder office; Mr. Ndoc Mulaj, Head of the Centre Association Aple; Mr. Denis Mema, Immigration Expert and Sr. Imelda Poole President of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.

During the meeting, community activists and attendees discussed the work being done to combat illegal and unsafe migration. The dialogue was positive, dynamic, and was an exchange of ideas and reflections related to the consequences in their community.

This forum will serve as a starting point for other local initiatives to improve legislation and work with institutions dealing with immigration and anti-trafficking work.


Published Date: 27th March 2019
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“Women’s Right on Property” Training held in Bajram Curri, on 27th of February.


A very important training was held in Bajram Curri, on 27th of February organized by Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.

In Albanian society, property issues in the perspective of gender are never discussed. The patriarchal society has dictated the gender roles, and that all property belongs to men.

35 women and girls, participating in MWLW Project Programs, were part of the training “Women’s Rights in Property”. They received information about their family property rights, rights that are equal to those of the family of their husbands.

Raising awareness, skills, and capacity of women is revealing their integrity and empowering their role in society.



Published Date: 28th February 2019
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Many Thanks and New Directions. Patty Stein – MWL Development Officer


If you follow MWL on social media, you probably heard about, or maybe even attended, our Inaugural Gala Night held in December. With the help of our wonderful sponsors, collaborators, and supporters, we had a successful night that helped cap an incredible 2018 for Mary Ward Loreto Foundation and for Albania. It was a wonderful night full of great food, dancing, an exciting live auction, and everyone left with memories we will carry into the coming year and the next Gala Night.

On behalf of all of the staff of MWL, I want to thank all who attended and supported us in this new endeavor. We could not have accomplished it without you, and we have already begun planning our next Gala Night!

Since the New Year, the Development Department of MWL has been hard at work, spreading awareness of our work and our presence across Albania and across Europe. One of the tools we are using to organize this work is a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM). We have been discerning our digital expansion for the past months and are now growing into this incredible tool that will help expand our reach, organize our fundraising campaigns, and build the relationships and networks that will help us better fight human trafficking in Albania.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can support our work and get involved, I would love to talk with you more. This is going to be an exciting year for Mary Ward Loreto and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Patty Stein – MWL Development Officer


Published Date: 28th February 2019



MWL Staff Training on Character Driven Leadership led by Dr. Edlira Gjoni. January 30th, 2019.


Mary Ward Loreto has a holistic approach towards staff capacity building and professional development. This year the staff of MWL are taking part in a one-year training on Character Driven Leadership which is powered by the McCain Institute and The Centre for Public Impact that works to train and empower professionals, active citizens, and emerging character-driven leaders in various settings in Albania.

The curriculum of the training on Character Driven Leadership was developed by the McCain Institute at Arizona State University and is being delivered by Dr. Edlira Gjoni, who is accredited as a Next Generation Leader (NGL) by the Institute.

The two-week program (One day per month for a year) offers an intensive training to the Mary Ward Loreto Foundation team members on professional and personal development. The training has a core focus on values, ethics, and leadership to create a capable and lasting team of character-driven leaders who shape the environment they live in and, ultimately, our future.

Through this training, the team is being transformed into advocates for common core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, trust, economic opportunity, freedom, and human dignity.

Participants are expected to demonstrate excellent character, commitment to core human values, and leadership.

A key aspect of the program is each participant’s preparation of an individual Leadership Action Project. Aimed at defining tangible steps and actions, each participant will bring about positive change in their own work and environment through the project. The Action Project is the central project of the participants’ development during the training.

Two trainings have already taken place:  Friday December 7th: The Leader in Me, How Leaders are Motivated and Wednesday January 30th: The Environment I Lead In, VUCA World.

Below you will find some pictures taken during the last training:












Published Date: 5th February 2019
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