MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

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Support Albanian Youth

Albania’s youth, who represent the largest segment of the population (15-20%), have been hit the hardest by unemployment and poor job prospects.

A society’s youth plays a decisive role in molding the identity and determining the position of each individual in their community. This can only come about through achieving high education goals and employment which allows the youth to reach their capacity. When this is achieved youth stand a good chance of being happy and fulfilled, paving the way for the future in Albania.



Beyond their role as representatives of the most vital part of the labour force, the youth also possess the ability to enhance society and to enable a nation to produce at both the technical and manual level to the highest capacity.

This is the fourth year that we are running this program. So far, 134 young people have been part of our program and more than 60 % of them got employed at the end of the program and we follow up the youth of the previous year’s till they are employed.

This year they are other 73 youth part of this program from 4 areas (Lushnja, Rreshen, Puka, and Shkodra).

They will benefit from this program through:

  1. Orientation and realization of Vocational Training courses according to each young person’s choice;
  2. Intermediation with businesses and work experience;
  3. tool kits for those who will graduate;
  4. Education through community actions proposed by youth;
  5. Training on job search and Entrepreneurship;
  6. Socializing activities;
  7. Vacancy advises and follow up towards employment.
  8. Human development trainings focused on prevention and fighting human trafficking and against any form of discrimination;
  9. Involvement and organizing Human Anti-trafficking Campaigns

We need 32200 GBP to realize the whole program with the youth.

Are you ready to become part and source of our mission?




Published Date: 1st July 2019
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MWL Staff final training day on Character Driven Leadership and Certificates Awarded from Trainer Edlira Gjoni, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership.


On June 18th, 2019, MWL Foundation’s staff members successfully completed the full Character Driven Leadership training, led by Edlira Gjoni, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The final training day and ceremony concluding the Advanced Level of Character Driven Leadership Training and certificates were awarded to all staff members by Edlira Gjoni and board members of the Centre for Public Impact. Also present for the ceremony, via Skype, were Lieutenant General Benjamin C. Freakley USA Retired, Senior Advisor, and Ambassador Michael C. Polt, Senior Director of the McCain Institute.

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation team members are very thankful to Edlira Gjon and the McCain Institute for International Leadership, for this outstanding opportunity for professional and personal development.

Through this training, the team is being transformed into advocates for common core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, trust, economic opportunity, freedom, and human dignity.



Published Date: 19th June 2019
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June 12th was the International Day Against Exploitation of Children for Labor. Mary Ward Loreto Foundation joined the local public and private network in an awareness march in Lezhe.


Children and adults marched together with the slogans #Nochildlabour #Yestotheirdreams, aiming to increase the community’s awareness of this phenomena and to fight against the exploitation of children, which is happening every day.

Some of the children participating expressed their messages through slogans, essays and musical plays.



Published Date: 13th June 2019
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Mary Ward Loreto staff week in Shkodra, April 13-17, 2019.


Mary Ward Loreto has a holistic approach towards staff capacity building, including professional development. A week each year has as its focus the care of staff in both human and social aspects. This year it took place from April 13th to April 17th, 2017 and was focused on Character Driven Leadership Training but not leaving aside that all staff had a working and enjoyable time together. This activity took place in Shkodra.  These days of training in Shkoder followed five previous days of training which began the year’s course in Character Led Leadership, starting last November, 2018.

The training was led by the Trainer, Edlira Gjoni, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The first two days staff members presented their unique Leadership Action Project, which will ultimately lead to the certification of each of the staff members.

On Thursday and Friday we focused on the resilience/failure of leaders, community leadership and the high-velocity culture change. Wednesday was the retreat day and MWL staff spent the day in Razma, swimming, playing games and generally relaxing in this beautiful part of Albania.



Published Date: 5th June 2019
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Advisory Authority: The Current Situation, the Measures Taken to Combat the Phenomenon of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in the Kukes Region.


On the 24th of April 2019, the Prefect of Kukës Region convened the Advisory Authority to discuss about “Current Situation, Measures Taken Against the Phenomenon of Trafficking in Persons and Domestic Violence”.

Members of this Authority, representatives of health, municipalities, police, education, Kukës, Tropoja, as well as the Prefect Institution, presented the work being done to combat this phenomenon.

MWL was represented by MWL Social Worker of Tropoja area, Lulzime Gjyriqi, , which presented  the work on the ground that Mary Ward Loreto Foundation is doing to empower groups in need and prevent trafficking of human beings. Also present in this meeting was a Peace Corps Volunteer who has been paired with MWL in Tropoja.

Cases of Domestic Violence are growing in frequency in the Kukes district. Additionally, the number of divorce cases is also increasing. In 2018, 67 divorce cases were filed and 52 of them ended with marriage solutions. The Albanian family is experiencing a social crisis that can only be addressed if we all cooperate and work together.

The Kukes Prefect institution expressed special appreciation for the work done by Mary Ward Loreto in the Mission Against Human Trafficking.



Published Date: 6th May 2019
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