MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

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June 12th was the International Day Against Exploitation of Children for Labor. Mary Ward Loreto Foundation joined the local public and private network in an awareness march in Lezhe.


Children and adults marched together with the slogans #Nochildlabour #Yestotheirdreams, aiming to increase the community’s awareness of this phenomena and to fight against the exploitation of children, which is happening every day.

Some of the children participating expressed their messages through slogans, essays and musical plays.



Published Date: 13th June 2019
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Mary Ward Loreto staff week in Shkodra, April 13-17, 2019.


Mary Ward Loreto has a holistic approach towards staff capacity building, including professional development. A week each year has as its focus the care of staff in both human and social aspects. This year it took place from April 13th to April 17th, 2017 and was focused on Character Driven Leadership Training but not leaving aside that all staff had a working and enjoyable time together. This activity took place in Shkodra.  These days of training in Shkoder followed five previous days of training which began the year’s course in Character Led Leadership, starting last November, 2018.

The training was led by the Trainer, Edlira Gjoni, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The first two days staff members presented their unique Leadership Action Project, which will ultimately lead to the certification of each of the staff members.

On Thursday and Friday we focused on the resilience/failure of leaders, community leadership and the high-velocity culture change. Wednesday was the retreat day and MWL staff spent the day in Razma, swimming, playing games and generally relaxing in this beautiful part of Albania.



Published Date: 5th June 2019
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Advisory Authority: The Current Situation, the Measures Taken to Combat the Phenomenon of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in the Kukes Region.


On the 24th of April 2019, the Prefect of Kukës Region convened the Advisory Authority to discuss about “Current Situation, Measures Taken Against the Phenomenon of Trafficking in Persons and Domestic Violence”.

Members of this Authority, representatives of health, municipalities, police, education, Kukës, Tropoja, as well as the Prefect Institution, presented the work being done to combat this phenomenon.

MWL was represented by MWL Social Worker of Tropoja area, Lulzime Gjyriqi, , which presented  the work on the ground that Mary Ward Loreto Foundation is doing to empower groups in need and prevent trafficking of human beings. Also present in this meeting was a Peace Corps Volunteer who has been paired with MWL in Tropoja.

Cases of Domestic Violence are growing in frequency in the Kukes district. Additionally, the number of divorce cases is also increasing. In 2018, 67 divorce cases were filed and 52 of them ended with marriage solutions. The Albanian family is experiencing a social crisis that can only be addressed if we all cooperate and work together.

The Kukes Prefect institution expressed special appreciation for the work done by Mary Ward Loreto in the Mission Against Human Trafficking.



Published Date: 6th May 2019
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BEYOND BORDERS: Analytical Research Report on Migration in Albania, 26 April, 2019.


Mary Ward Loreto Foundation launched the Research on Migration of Albanians and findings of this study report on Friday, 26 of April 2019. More than 100 participants attended the conference at Tirana International Hotel in Tirana, Albania.

The panelists of this conference were: Imelda Poole (IBVM), MWL President; Mr. Alfred Matoshi;  Ms. Sulltana Aliaj; Mr. Denis Mema; Dr. Arlind Qori; Prof. Dr. Zyhdi; and Dr. Ana Majko. Ms. Sulltana Aliaj presented the Literature of the research and Mr. Denis Mema presented the Methodology and findings of the research. Mr. Alfred Matoshi presented the Analyzed findings of the research, Dr. Arlind Qori, spoke about the links between Politics and Migration, Prof. Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi gave a asocial context of  Migration, and Dr. Ana Majko spoke about the current situation of Migration and trafficking in Albania.

This study was led by the Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, under Mr. Alfred Matoshi coordination and co-author with Ms.  Sulltana Aliaj and Mr. Denis Mema.

An irreplaceable contribution to this study was given by academic staff from the Social Sciences Department at the University of Tirana specifically: Prof.Dr. Zyhdi Dervishi, Dr. Arlind Qori and Dr. Livia Nano. A special thanks to Dr. Edita Fiono and Ada Braho PhD Researcher.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers, individuals, and associates who worked with passion and dedication in the collection of data, interviewing, and organizing focus groups across Albania.

Migration is a phenomenon that has affected nearly all Albanians. Statistics show that most Albanians want to leave in order to have a better life outside of Albania. Given this fact, a study has been done to identify the factors that push Albanians to migrate. The study has as a sample 1,105 individuals with an equal gender distribution and a range of ages. The instruments used are the self-appointed questionnaire for migration and the World Health Organization questionnaire based on quality of life, the degree of hope, and life satisfaction. Focus groups and interviews were also used to analyze the phenomenon.

Mr. Denis Mema shared the analyzed findings of the research. The results show a large tendency of Albanians to leave the country as a result of socio-economic factors.

Currently, in Albania, frequency analysis shows that 83.86% of participants asked want to leave their county and 16.14% do not want to leave. Statistical analyses show that both women and men are equal in their desire to leave.

There are many factors that affect the great desire to emigrate. Around 84.9% (N=786) want to leave for social economic reasons, including unemployment, lack of basic services and poor standards of living. It results that 5% (N=47) wanted a higher level of education that is not available in Albania. In additional, 4.8% (N=45) wanted to leave for political reasons and 2.7% (N=25) want more specialized health service. Only 1.9% (n=18) have selected “other” and it results that the most prevalent reason for leaving was lack of security for their life.

Specifically, 78.5% do not feel secure in Albania. Asked about the reason, they reported that this is related to the high number of criminals that are not punished.

 An interviewee in Pogradec said: “I am agitated by the powerlessness to change this situation, it is absurd how some individuals are holding this country hostage”

This study aims to promote the recommendations for creating and modifying policies to prevent illegal migration, and to aid in the reintegration of returning migrants into society.

We would like to thank the President of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, Sr. Imelda Poole MBE, (IBVM) for her trust, support and encouragement at all stages of this MWL led project.

During her speech at conference she said:

“Speaking about movement and mobility, change will come even in Albania, if we all work together against factors that affect Albanians to emigrate. 

 From my perspective of living in this country for 14 years, I am very conscious of the extreme poverty and the feelings of hopelessness prevalent amongst the people. There seems to be no connection between the need of the people and the services offered by the state.

 I hope that all those who have any power to make change will respond to this revealed truth and listen to the voice of the people who are voting now with their feet and moving away from their homeland. ”

 The conference is followed by national media that have also made chronicles on the study:

Please click belwo to download the study report Albanians and Migration.

The study report “Albanians and Migration” in Albanian Language

The study report “Albanians and Migration” in English Language.


Published Date: 2nd May 2019
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Character Driven Leadership Training with MWL Staff, April 17, 2019.


On Wednesday, April 17th, the MWL Staff completed the 5th day of the Character Driven Leadership Training lead by Trainer, Edlira Gjoni, Next Generation Leader, McCain Institute for International Leadership.

During this day of training, the MWL Foundation Staff had the opportunity to share and speak about their favorite leaders, the importance of role models in leadership and how ethics and values influence our choice of leaders.

During the session we focused on how the best leaders build trust.

According to Stephen M. R. Covey:

“Almost everywhere we turn, trust is on the decline. Trust in our culture at large, in our institutions, and in our companies is significantly lower than a generation ago. Research shows that only 49% of employees trust senior management, and only 28% believe CEOs are a credible source of information.

The first job of any leader is to inspire trust. Trust is confidence born of two dimensions: character and competence. Character includes your integrity, motive, and intent with people. Competence includes your capabilities, skills, results, and track record. Both dimensions are vital.

With the increasing focus on ethics in our society, the character side of trust is fast becoming the price of entry in the new global economy. However, the differentiating and often ignored side of trust — competence — is equally essential. You might think a person is sincere, even honest, but you won’t trust that person fully if he or she doesn’t get results. And the opposite is true. A person might have great skills and talents and a good track record, but if he or she is not honest, you’re not going to trust that person either.”

MWL will continue the leadership training during the staff week in Shkodra which will take place May 13th-17th. During that time, members will present their unique Leadership Action Project, which will lead to the certification of each of the staff members.


Published Date: 23rd April 2019
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