MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

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Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking: Conference- Releasing Those Unjustly Bound. Sacrofino, Rome, 9 – 11 April 2019.


RENATE President Imelda Poole, Sr Maria Luisa Puglisi AASC, director of the Fundación Amaranta, and RENATE Communications Person, Anne Kelleher, were amongst approximately 200 delegates gathered at Fraterna Domus, in Sacrofino, near Rome to look concretely, pastorally and practically at the Church’s implementation of the POHT, favouring a deep appropriation and our working better in concert.   It was a time of open and deep sharing and reflecting on how best to implement the Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking document, produced by the Vatican 17 January 2019.

Present were:

  • Representatives of Bishop Conferences 
  • Catholic pastoral agents   
  • Representatives of major organizations expressing the Church’s social commitment 
  • Experts, partners, representatives of foundations and NGOs.

(POHT)  The POHT is the fruit of consultation with international Catholic organizations, religious congregations and Bishops’ Conference from all regions of the world. The document was approved by the Holy Father and has been signed by the two Under-Secretaries of the Migrants & Refugees Section.


The Conference planners and sponsors, chaired by the Migrant and Refugees Section, included Caritas Internationalis, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the International Catholic Migration Commission, Talitha Kum, the Santa Marta Group, and the Apostolate of the Sea. Each of these organisations played significant roles throughout the three days of the conference.

In terms of process, seven thematic sessions corresponding with the major topics treated in the POHT, were considered over the three days. Each of the seven sessions was introduced by two speakers, 15-minuteseach, providing background to the topic and questions for the discussion of 60 minutes. The themes were as follows:

  1. Human Trafficking in the Context of Sexual exploitation.
  2. Human Trafficking in the Context of Slave Labour.
  3. Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling.
  4. Other forms of Human Trafficking.
  5. Identification, Prevention and Prosecution of Human Trafficking.
  6. Protection of Survivors.
  7. Partnership in Responding to Human Trafficking.

Everyone agreed that at the end of the three days, we gained a greater appreciation of the Church’s teaching and ministry in terms of strengths, weaknesses, policy options as well as enhanced coordination worldwide.

We also had a deeper appreciation for our understanding of ‘Church’ not as an institution but more so as a communion of souls together, working together to ensure the dignity of the human person and in honour of the Gospel.

It was a hugely valuable time of reflection and hard work, underpinned by mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s contributions. We had great possibilities to build and forge links and understandings, which will support us in our future work together towards the implementation of the POHT over time.

By 11 April, we had collectively devised 500+ recommendations, which will be further refined and condensed before taking them further in terms of implementation at local parish and community levels.

The highlight of the work was the Papal audience on 11 April, where Pope Francis not only affirmed us in our work but encouraged us to ‘’…persevere in the mission – often risky and anonymous, but precisely because of this , irrefutable proof of your selfless generosity.’’ view more.

Full report and recommendations will be available in the coming weeks.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.   


Published Date: 12th April 2019
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Activities developed by MWL youth during February in human development framework and awareness against Human Trafficking.


On February 6th, awareness raising activities were organized in 4 different areas of Albania.

The awareness sessions were held with young people in Elbasan, Tirana, and in rural areas like Dajc of Shkodra and Ndroq, Tirana.

The youth received information about trafficking of human beings and were introduced to the phenomenon of modern slavery. Social media is a constant influence in the lives of these young people. At such a young age, with so much interaction with social media, it can easily become a source for danger, exploitation, and online recruiting. Raising awareness of social media’s role in trafficking has been one of the most important priorities for our youth trainings. In total, 163 young people participated in these awareness-raising activities in February.



Published Date: 8th March 2019
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Informing and empowering people to prevent human trafficking is the daily work of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.

On February 8th, St Bakhita Day, the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, MWL in Tropoja organized an informational workshop with students of “Matosh Uka” High School in Fierze. 26 students participated in discussions about how to fight this phenomenon together. They also took part in activities to learn how to accept one another and their differences.

Through collaboration, awareness raising, and direct action we are fighting human trafficking together!



Published Date: 15th February 2019
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February 8th, 2019, Bakhita Day Prayer Vigil ‘’Together against human Trafficking.’’

On the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against human trafficking, St. Bakhita Day, URAT Network with the support of the Archbishop of the Diocese of Tirana-Durres, organized a special prayer service at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Tirana.

This event gathered all those who work in the anti-trafficking field in Albania. Among those present were Imelda Poole MWL, Ms. Brikena Puka, Vatra Psycho – Social Centre; Mrs. Syrie Pepa, Erion Prendi SHKEJI Organization; Ms. Ana Majko, ARSIS Initiatives; Different and Equal; Don Marjam Lumci; United Response Against Trafficking (URAT) Albania and RENATE.

Many thanks to all who made this evening a success: Ana Stakaj with MWL who facilitated the service on behalf of URAT; Erion Prendi from SHKEJ, chair of URAT, who coordinated the presentation; Gazi Mema who organized the beautiful music; and Genc Gjoci who works with MWL, who coordinated the youth presentations during the event.

We prayed together for the victims of trafficking, we made calls to stop this action and lit candles for the victims. Two short films were also shown, one of Pope Francis speaking about the fight against human trafficking in the world and the other a performance of a song of hope and strength.

Please find below photos from the event.



Published Date: 13th February 2019
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Today, on 8th February, will take place the organized Prayer Vigil based on the theme ‘’Together against human Trafficking.’’ International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.


Dear Friends, Collaborators and Partners, let’s turn on a light against the trafficking of persons, to celebrate the 5th edition of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against human trafficking that this year will have as its theme: “TOGETHER against human trafficking”.

In the framework of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against human trafficking, St. Bakhita’s Day, URAT Network with the support of the Archbishop of the Diocese of Tirana-Durres, is pleased to invite you to participate in the organized liturgy.

Today, February 8, 2019, time 18:00, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tirana.


Published Date: 8th February 2019
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