MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: July 2019

The visit of Sr Josette Zammit-Mangion IBVM in Albania.


We had an exciting evening on Monday, June 24th. We were waiting at the airport to greet Sr Josette Zammit Mangion IBVM who was to visit the Mary Ward Loreto mission and Jess Templeman. Jess works at ARISE in the UK and came as a trainer for the Albanian RENATE members and a consultant for some of the NGOs in Tirana. We were so happy to welcome them to Tirana.

By the next day Jess had begun her work in Tirana, (pictures to follow), whilst Pjeter, Josette and Imelda set off early, heading for Tropoje, where we had four meetings related to the mission past, present and future. These included many topics: The development of an advisory team in the region, the women’s group developments in many villages, the future summer camp in Bajram Curri, listening to the issues and successes of the women’s group in Raja and visiting the wonderful family of Lindita. Later, in the valley of Valbona, we visited Dalvina who was working at the MWL Craft kiosk which is becoming so successful and was very impressive. Finally, in the evening, we joined the Sisters of Dushaj and shared a delicious meal in their house discussing our future collaboration. We had a wonderful day. Many thanks to Lule ( Mary Ward Loreto), PJ, and Neda (Peace Corps) and to Pjeter for steering us safely everywhere. Many thanks to our wonderful hosts.

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Mary Ward Loreto Foundation in Albania had the pleasure to welcome the General Leaders, Jane Livsey CJ and Noelle Corscadden IBVM, who came to explore some of the Mary Ward mission in Albania.


They visited MWL staff at Mary Ward Loreto Offices and MWL Advice and Service Centre in Tirana also  Archbishop George Frendo OP at St Paul’s Cathedral, MWL Advice and Service Centre, Lezhe, MWL Social Business in Kallmet and on the way back to the airport we had a meeting with Bishop Dedë Gjergji from Kosovo. On the Friday evening we had a wonderful meeting of prayer, reflection and celebration with the Friends of Mary Ward in Imelda’s House.

We must not forget Saturday in Rreshen with the youth group there who inspired us with their stories. After this we visited a wonderful family in a village nearby. It was a very rich time for all of us.

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Positive Parenting in Plug.


Following an invitation from Sherbetoret e Vogla te Zemres se Krishtit, MWL was in Plug for the first time last month. Around 30 women of this community joined our training on parenting challenges while raising children in the midst of enormous difficulties. It was very moving to hear their stories about their vulnerability and their dream for their children to have the best. On average, these women had 2 or 3 children each and became mothers at a young age. Becoming mothers at a very young age was a very big change for them and caused them many difficulties.

This training was an opportunity for them to understand that they are not alone in these difficult situations. Other mothers are facing the same problems. This training was also a chance for them to ask for help and support. Positive parenting training is a very dynamic training which aims to encourage the participants to reflect on their experiences, to become aware of their style of leadership and of their “pull and push” factors of certain behaviors. At the end of the training, the women were given techniques for dealing with specific situations with their children. This helped them understand child behavior and how the role of parents impact their children’s lives.



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Human Development Trainings with Women in Lushnja.


Since MWL has moved from Fier to Lushnja to prevent human trafficking in this vulnerable community, we have started a human development program with a group of women that attend vocational training in tailoring. Around 15-20 girls and women have participated in our human development trainings. Topics like stress management, self-esteem care, good parenting practices, and discrimination are covered in the trainings that we have delivered. This group of women have been helped to find the courage to reflect on their needs, to be open to speaking up and taking the initiative to make change. It is difficult to face the challenges of life alone. For these women it was hard to accept the fact that someone would come and take time to get to know them, to listen to their stories, and help them find techniques to overcome life’s difficulties. It is rewarding for us when these women continue to attend meeting after meeting, listening, being heard, and speaking their truth.

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HITLON TRAINING: Trafficking in Human Beings with Hilton Hotel Staff.


In June, MWL realized a very important collaboration with the prestigious Hilton Garden Inn in Tirana with hotel staff on trafficking of human beings.

This training was carried out with a framework of awareness, identification and referral of potential trafficking and exploitation cases in the hotel industry and tourism.

Trainings like this are of great importance due to the fact that the hotel industry and hotels are the second most common site for sex trafficking.

20 staff participated from various key departments of the hotel, such as security, reception, sanitary care, and managerial staff.

The training focused on group discussions with staff on various cases of exploitation and trafficking in the hotel premises. This helped raise the awareness and vigilance of staff of each department to identify potential cases and refer those cases.

According to the participants’ evaluations, the training gave them a new understanding of the latest global and local statistics of trafficking, exploitation, and modern slavery.

The participants learned about cases of identification and reporting of sexual exploitation in hotels. In these cases, cooperation of all hotel departments for case identification is essential.

Participants shared their experiences from previous work, understanding that trafficking is a phenomenon that occurs in the hotel industry of tourism in Albania. Hilton Garden Inn has adopted many barriers and procedures to prevent sexual exploitation. The staff can now be even more vigilant in identifying signs of a potential case by collaborating with each other and referring to management, following the internal protocol of the company.


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