MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: March 2019

International Women’s Day – Women of Courage Award – Congratulations!


US first lady Melania Trump and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo present the 2019 International Women of Courage award to Sr Orla Treacy during a ceremony at the State Department in Washington, DC.

‘An Irish nun who works in South Sudan was presented with an award for her work by US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and US first lady Melania Trump on Thursday.

Sr Orla Treacy (46) from Bray, Co Wicklow, was one of 10 women given the International Women of Courage Award at the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

Sr Orla was nominated for the prize by the US embassy to the Holy See. The award, in its 13th year, recognises women around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership “often at great personal risk and sacrifice”.

In 2006, she travelled to Sudan with four other Loreto nuns to set up a new mission in the country. Today, she serves as the head administrator of the Loreto Rumbek Mission in Maker Kuei, overseeing a boarding secondary school for girls, a co-educational primary school, and a women and child-centric primary healthcare facility.

In an interview with The Irish Times last year, she described the challenges she and her students face in a country riven by civil war.

“We have been threatened at gunpoint, we have been insulted, all number of problems because she is a woman and should be sacrificed for the sake of the greater good. Technically it’s a boarding school but I call it a women’s refuge because you’re constantly trying to protect these girls from forced marriage. I work with people who live buy nolvadex very much on the margins: life and death, hunger and despair. Every day they live on the edge. And yet in that you can still glimpse love and hope every day.”


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Mary Ward Loreto joined the Civil Society March for Girls and Women’s Rights in Albania on International Women’s Day- 8 March, 2019.


In the first months of 2019, approximately every 7 days a woman has been killed. In Albania, since January 1st, 8 women and girls have been killed. The 8th of March, International Women’s Day, is not just a day for Women, but it is a day when we must restate the missing narrative about women’s rights, labour rights, and equality of opportunity, not just about the right to life.

The 8th of March needs to be a reminder to society that concrete social and institutional initiatives need to be made to educate boys and girls to not just talk about the right to life but also to prevent teenage marriage, domestic violence, and equal opportunities for women in every sphere of life.

This year, civil society protested. It was a black day! The black worn and the black used on signs symbolized institutional silence. Black also represented the silence of society in the face of injustice to women and girls in this patriarchal reality.

We refuse to be the next victims!

Enough with so many women being killed!

Dressed in black, men and women, we seek justice for the victims!

We seek a fair system that protects every woman and girl in Albania!

We ask that every woman be given a voice!




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Meet the street nun helping people make a living from New York’s cans.

There are somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 people in the city who support themselves by picking up cans and bottles.

On a Saturday afternoon in early November, about 30 people are watching a documentary inside a shack in the heart of Bushwick, a post-industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn. They are all canners – people who make a living redeeming empty cans and bottles, five cents a piece. Although they all got up before the sun and have worked in the cold for hours, no one looks like they’re about to fall asleep. All eyes on the screen. The short film, streamed from YouTube and projected on a white sheet, is about a workers cooperative in Argentina.

The screening was organized by Ana Martinez de Luco, a Catholic nun who says she prefers to work “under the sun, not the Vatican”, and calls herself a street nun. Click here to read more.

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