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Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: March 2019

“MIGRATION AND ITS CONSEQUENCES IN THE COMMUNITY”- Forum with the community and actors involved, Shkodra, March 26, 2019.


A forum on Immigration and Its Consequences in the Community was held on March 26th in Shkoder, Albania.

On the speaker panel was Prof. Roland Dodani, Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Shkodra; Mr. Engjell Gjugja, Coordinator of the Youth Center Atelie; Mr. Dode Mehmetaj, representative of DRFPP Shkoder; Mimoza Kallaqi, Representative of the Shkoder office; Mr. Ndoc Mulaj, Head of the Centre Association Aple; Mr. Denis Mema, Immigration Expert and Sr. Imelda Poole President of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.

During the meeting, community activists and attendees discussed the work being done to combat illegal and unsafe migration. The dialogue was positive, dynamic, and was an exchange of ideas and reflections related to the consequences in their community.

This forum will serve as a starting point for other local initiatives to improve legislation and work with institutions dealing with immigration and anti-trafficking work.

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Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery- Publication by Mike Emberson, former CEO of the Medaille Trust.


In an exciting new venture The Medaille Trust has partnered with Redemptorist Publishing to produce a book entitled Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery: Introducing the issue and Recognising the Signs,written by Mike Emberson. (ISBN:9780852314852).

The book describes the horror of modern day slavery and human trafficking in the UK. Each year, thousands of victims are brought into the country to be exploited in brothels, on farms and in private homes. This worldwide trade is estimated to enslave millions of people and earn, the perpetrators of the crime, billions of pounds. This book details the part the UK plays in this vile trade. Illustrated by real-life case studies and informed by the authors’ many years of work in this field, the shocking details of this human rights abuse are laid bare.

It is hoped that the reader will gain many benefits from a study of the book, but especially the following:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the problem and issues surrounding Human Trafficking.
  • Know what is being done to counter Human Trafficking.
  • Know what they can do to assist in the work to combat Human Trafficking..

About the authors:

Mike Emberson has been involved in anti-trafficking work since 2003 and is the previous CEO of the Medaille Trust.

*The book is dedicated to all those victims of human trafficking and modern slavery who remain to be rescued, to Sister Ann Teresa of the Order of St Joseph of Annecy (our founder) and to the staff of the Medaille Trust.

Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

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WOMEN CAN – Reflections on launch of publication in Albania, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 8th of March.


Two RENATE members were presented with certificates of leadership excellence from the Center for Public Impact, powered by the McCain Institute and Arizona University, for their demonstrated Character Driven Leadership.

The certificates were awarded on the International Day of Women, when Ms Edlira Gjoni launched her movement “Women Can-Vajzat për Shqipërinë” and book of the same title, promoting values and character driven leadership of women in Albania.

The author, Edlira Gjoni was a fellow at the McCain Institute on International Leadership from 2017-2018 for the Next Generation Leaders program. Her experience in the USA prompted her to initiate the movement Women Can.“Today in Albania, there is energy for a new shared leadership structure with women emerging in more visible roles and to be proud and empowered female leaders,” Gjoni said.

Gjoni captures interesting aspects of the Albanian women and their roles as character driven leaders. She has selected 51 women and leadership traits to portray 51% of the Albanian population who are female. Her book “Women can” introduces us to the Albanian female leaders who serve as role models and inspire us to continue making a difference.

The women portrayed in the book are not public figures, and in her opening remarks presenting the book, Gjoni explained that this was a purposeful decision “to give space, recognition, and gratitude to all these women who serve and make us proud and often are not recognized for their efforts.”

In the book, which brings a new perspective to portraying women in Albania, Sister Elda Nikolli represents the value of being Pro-Active and Youth-Savvy; Ana Stakaj represents the trait of Leading by Example.





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RENATE Member addresses CSW63 at the UN, New York, 12 March 2019 – Social Protection Systems and Access to Public Services in the Fight against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.

Drawing upon more than eight years of experience working as a psychologist with Albania’s most vulnerable communities, Sabjola Bregu ably communicated the necessity for government and society to place health professionals centre-stage in the areas of prevention and support when addressing the harsh realities of Human Trafficking and Exploitation.

Sabjola worked with cases with complex traumas, domestic violence, victims of trafficking, women at risk of being trafficked and exploited, children in street situations and with families from marginalized communities in Albania. She has extensive experience on advocacy and support services at the community centre “Little Angels” SHKEJ, Albania.  All the while, her work is focused on supporting Albanians girls and women whose lives are affected by, or at risk of being affected by prostitution in the UK.

Through a series of PowerPoint slides, Sabjola spoke about the centrality of healthcare professionals to the identification, treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of Human Trafficking and Exploitation. Sabjola made a powerful testimony to the value that social protect affords through a functioning and community-based healthcare system in combatting slavery.

Luke de Pulford, Director of the ARISE Foundation ( www.arise.foundation ) which sponsored Sabjola’s presence at this year’s CSW, stated ‘’ARISE exists to support frontline work and amplify their voices. It was a privilege therefore to be able to bring Sabjola and another colleague, Sr Sherly,  to the U.N. who both spoke with great clarity about the imperative of http://halifaxartfestival.com/tramadol healthcare and education to prevent exploitation. The U.N. needs to hear from more voices like these – people who have their sleeves rolled up and are providing help where it is most needed. Our huge gratitude goes to Women at the Well (https://wata.org.uk) for releasing Sabjola from her crucial work with Albanian women in the U.K. to attend.”

To view the video clips of the speeches: https://www.arise.foundation/news/arise-brings-frontline-voices-to-the-un

Please find Sabjola’s address and PowerPoint slides.

Sabiola now works in the UK under the umbrella organisations of St Mary’s Twickenham College, Women at the Well and The Medaille Trust.

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

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Activities developed by MWL youth during February in human development framework and awareness against Human Trafficking.


On February 6th, awareness raising activities were organized in 4 different areas of Albania.

The awareness sessions were held with young people in Elbasan, Tirana, and in rural areas like Dajc of Shkodra and Ndroq, Tirana.

The youth received information about trafficking of human beings and were introduced to the phenomenon of modern slavery. Social media is a constant influence in the lives of these young people. At such a young age, with so much interaction with social media, it can easily become a source for danger, exploitation, and online recruiting. Raising awareness of social media’s role in trafficking has been one of the most important priorities for our youth trainings. In total, 163 young people participated in these awareness-raising activities in February.


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