Uniting Britain and Albania
Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: December 2018

MWL Foundation’s First Gala Fundraising Event, on December 14, 2018, was a big success!

100 Guests gathered and enjoyed the night which included an Auction, Dinner and Entertainment.

We would like to thank all the guests who joined us during this MWL First ever Gala Fundraising Event.

Many thanks to all who sponsored many of the various parts of this Fundraising Event:

Wintergarten Restaurant, Aroma Therapy, MWL Social Business, The Balkanista, Hotel Tirana International, Be Puzzle, Telajo & Vere, Hotel Restorant Rapsodia, Hoteli  Gjuetise, Tirana Yoga, DJ Benito, Next Promotion and Hotel Colosseo.

The Gala night celebrated 5 years of MWL Mission working against Human Trafficking throughout Albania. It was an opportunity for networking between our many collaborators and partners, and a chance for our growing support base to learn more about our work and to meet the beneficiaries of our projects.

The theme of this year was “Planting Hope and Empowering Albania.”

We believe that Albania, with the help of organizations and partnerships, has the potential to become her own source of hope and empowerment. In the work that we do at MWL, we know that the empowerment of the individual, leads to the empowerment of a nation. Partnering with us for this event showed a commitment to the people of Albania and the work we all do to fight against human trafficking and to ameliorate the Albanian society.

The event included a multiple course meal during which individuals from the MWL staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries shared their stories and testaments of the work of MWL. The event also included entertainment and an auction. There was so much fun throughout the evening and all for a very good cause! 

Thank you to all who sponsored a table, donated an auction item, sponsored the decorations, set up materials, or gave any other form of support.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year, meanwhile enjoy the photos of the Gala Night!


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Christmas Edition No. 11th, 2018.

Introduction for MWL Christmas Newsletter

As a child, this was the season of snow sweeping. Our parents encouraged us to think of others, the pennies earned from the snow sweeping were all given for the children who were starving in Africa. This was no bravado act but just part of life at this time, as was singing as a family in the maternity ward on Christmas day hoping to bring cheer to Mother’s awaiting a new birth. MWL is following in this tradition in a country where volunteering was forced during the communist regime as a form of slave labour. To reintroduce volunteering and fund giving for charity, is difficult in most East European countries because of this stigma, which remains in the mentality.

MWL is going counter cultural by having a splendid Gala Evening on December 14th to celebrate our 5th anniversary. To make the event an opportunity many will join us in the celebration and therefore the mission, as co workers, through contributing to the evening with goods for auctioning on the night and by buying a ticket as a contribution to the on-going work of combating modern day slavery. What an opportunity! Volunteering, broad based organising for social change, advocacy and awareness raising is a way of reaching out and crying out: ‘Enough is enough!’

We invite you all at this time of ‘Good will to all people’, to come and join us and effect change, raise your voice and take action as a United Response.

Imelda Poole IBVM (MWL President)

Please click here to read the MWL Newsletter No.11 in English.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar MWL Newsletter-in Nr.11 në Shqip.

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Training session on Domestic Violence and the protection from the International and National law at MWLW-ACT

During the 16 days Campaign Against Gender Based Violence, MWLW ACT Centre organized a training session on domestic violence and the protection from International and National law.

7 women/clients of MWLW ACT participated in this training session.In the first part, women were well- informed on the definition and forms of domestic violence: psychological, physical, sexual and economic. One of the most important parts of the training was informing the women on International and National Law and the recent changes in the law. These included those laws relating to the need, when necessary,  to get protection with a protection order from the police and court and providing relevant services from public institutions and Ngo’s.

The participation and discussion was very important and made the training more active. In the last part of the training, the trainer and women wrote some messages on Prevention of Domestic Violence.


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 Tiranë, 12 Dhjetor 2018 – Organizatat e Shoqërisë civile me anë të kësaj deklarate publike duan të shprehin mbështetjen e tyre për kërkesën e studentëve për rritjen e buxhetit të arsimit në Shqipëri në masën 5 % të prodhimit të përgjithshëm bruto (PBB).

Shqipëria investon vetëm 3.3% e PBB-së për arsimin, shifër kjo larg standardit ndërkombëtar dhe atij rajonal. Kjo masë e ulët e investimeve cënon të drejtat e fëmijëve dhe të të rinjve për ofrimin e arsimit publik pa pagesë, cilësor dhe gjithëpërfshirës për të gjithë.

Në vende me të ardhura si Shqipëria, investimi me 1 dollar me shumë në arsim do të gjeneronte të ardhur prej me tepër se 5 dollarë  në të ardhurat vjetore të një vendi për person.

Prej vitesh Koalicioni për Arsimin në Shqipëri (ACE) dhe Organizatat e Shqoqërisë Civile i kanë kërkuar Qeverisë, Kuvendit dhe çdo partie politike alokimin me 5% të PBB për arsimin në vend.


  • Sigurimin e arsimit publik cilësor, gjithëpërfshirës dhe pa pagesë për çdo fëmijë dhe të ri kudo në Shqipëri.
  • Rritje të investimeve në infrastrukturën, në laboratorë, klasa, palestra dhe biblioteka cilësore.
  • Rrit cilësinë e mësimdhënies duke u përkthyer kjo në rritje të arrijeve akademike të krahasueshme me vendet e Bashkimit Europian.

Ne shprehim bindjen tonë se e drejta e çdo individi për arsim publik falas, cilësor dhe të garantuar për të gjithë, është një e drejtë bazë e njeriut që duhet respektuar nga të gjithë. Në këtë kuadër ne ftojmë Kuvendin e Shqipërisë, Qeverinë dhe të gjithë institucionet, partitë politike dhe partnerët socialë, që së bashku të bëjnë të pamundurën për të respektuar dhe garantuar këtë të drejtë.


Rrjetet dhe organizatat që i bashkohen thirrjes:



  1. Koalicioni për Arsimin në Shqipëri (ACE)
  2. Rrjeti Kombëtar për të Rinjtë në Shqipëri (ANYN)
  3. Rrjeti Kombëtar për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve “VEPRO PËR FËMIJËT!”
  4. Shtëpia e të Drejtave të Njeriut (HRH)
  5. Rrjeti i Grave për Demokraci



  1. Qendra për Mbrojtjen e Fëmijëve dhe të Rinjve, Shqipëri (CRCA)
  2. Linja e Këshillimit të Fëmijëve ALO 116
  3. Laboratori i Politikave për Fëmijët dhe të Rinjtë në Shqipëri
  4. Ambasada PINK Shqipëri
  5. Qendra e Informacionit dhe Kërkimeve për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve
  6. Shoqata Ndihmoni Jetën
  7. Instituti Shqiptar për studime Ligjore dhe Territoriale (ALTRI)
  8. Qendra Kombëtare për Studime Sociale
  9. La casa nel Cuore
  10. Down Syndrom Albania
  11. Partnerë për Fëmijët
  12. Fondacioni Arsimor Shqiptar
  13. World Vision Albania
  14. Komiteti Shqiptar i Helsinkit
  15. Albanian Disability Rights Foundation
  16. Qendra Europiane
  17. Shoqata Kombëtare Edukim për Jetën
  18. Save the Children Shqipëri
  19. Qendra VATRA, Vlorë
  20. Qendra për Popullsinë dhe Zhvillimin
  21. Në Dobi të Gruas Shqiptare




Tirana, December 12, 2018 – Civil Society Organisations in Albania through this public statement express their support to the student’s demand for the increase by 5% of GDP of the education budget in Albania.

Albania invests only 3.3% of GDP on education, far from international and regional standards. This low investment rate undermines the rights of children and young people for the provision of free, quality and inclusive public education for all.

In middle-income countries like Albania, a dollar invested in education generates more than $ 5 in additional gross earnings annually.

For years, the Albanian Coalition for Education and NGO-s have urged to the Albanian Government, Parliament and every political party to allocate 5% of GDP to the education.


– Provision of inclusive and equitable quality free of charge education for all children and young people across Albania.

– Increase investment in school infrastructure, in laboratories, classrooms, gyms and quality libraries.

– Improves teaching quality by translating this into an increase in academic achievement comparable to European Union countries.

We express our conviction that the right of every person to free of charge, quality, and public education for all is a basic human right that must be respected. In this context, we invite the Albanian Parliament, the Government and all institutions, political parties and social partners to jointly do their utmost to respect and guarantee this right.


The NGO-s that approve this Public Statement


  1. Albanian Coalition for Education (ACE)
  2. Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN)
  3. Albanian National Child Rights Network “ACT for Children!”
  4. Human Rights House in Albania (HRH)
  5. Women’s Democracy Network in Albania


  1. Child Rights Centre in Albania (CRCA)
  2. National Child Help Line ALO 116
  3. Child & Youth Policy Hub Albania
  4. PINK Embassy in Albania
  5. Information and Research Centre for Child Rights in Albania
  6. Help the Life Association
  7. Albanian Law and Territorial Studies Institute (ALTRI)
  8. National Centre for Social Studies
  9. La casa nel Cuore
  10. Down Syndrome Albania
  11. Partnerë për Fëmijët
  12. Albanian Education Foundation
  13. World Vision Albania
  14. Albanian Helsinki Committee
  15. Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF)
  16. European Centre
  17. National Association Education for Life
  18. Save the Children Albania
  19. VATRA Centre, Vlorë
  20. Centre for Population and Development
  21. Useful to Albanian Women



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