MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: December 2016

Towards a more ethical and higher standard of education for all Research project.

In order to contribute to systemic change in the Education System in Albania, Mary Ward Loreto is focused on issues of values and beliefs by addressing issues of ethical behaviour, tackling weaknesses, and exploring opportunities to strengthen selected aspects of the education system. For this purpose, a study has been designed that will analyse the perceptions and attitudes of pupils, students, teachers, parents, and lecturers, on their perception of ethics in education and the reasons for unethical behaviour, the types of its occurrence, and of corruption cases in schools all over Albania. It is because of the utmost importance placed on values development, by Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, that it has been decided to research in the field of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Albania, as a focus to work for systemic change. The whole public education system will be included, starting from Kindergarten until Masters’ level at the University (from 3 year olds until 25 year olds) nationwide. Teachers, parents and children nationwide will be included based on the above-explained methodology. The results will be then shared widely, so that we can encourage systemic change in all levels of education. The Action Plan is now being fully implemented for this project.


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A story of Achievement…

Since the first interview, F, declared that he would like to become a mechanic. While I was asking what might be another vocational training preference, he said that it cannot be any other, , except the mechanics course. I was really surprised that a 19 years old boy could be so clear about this decision for his life and what he wanted to do. When I asked why he had not already done this he said that he couldn’t afford the costs, because the closest vocational training center was 60 km far from his town and  the transport costs totaling 500 ALL (about 4 euros) per day. His family couldn’t pay the expenses. His father is the only one who works as a guard for 22 000 ALL (approx. 162 euro) per month which is not even enough for their living without having extra expenses. Almost, half of his father’s salary would be spent for covering his travel to the vocational training center. With the support of the MWL Youth project, he was registered and followed the vocational training course. The instructor was impressed by this young boy because of his eagerness to know more. F asked the instructor if he would accept him to stay longer and the instructor accepted happily. He used to spend hours in the vocational training center’s car service after the lessons. At the end of the vocational training course, we asked the instructor if there were any possibility to do a work experience. He recommended a car service in F’s town. He contacted the owner and directed us to meet him. The owner was happy to receive F, due to the recommendations of the instructor. After a month of work experience, he employed F, and now he is happy to have on board a really passionate young worker who wants to know more and more by exploring and working.


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The progress of businesses in Tropoja.

MWLW project in Tropoje, has implemented 8 mini-businesses this year to support the empowerment of women. These mini-businesses are: opening the shop in Valbona for the sale of handicrafts made by 20 women, the implementation of 2 businesses for breeding bees, 2 mini-businesses to raise goats and produce milk, a business with cows, an economic activity with sewing and mini-business to produce postcards. Businesses with artisan characteristics have been successful so far, such as tailoring, and postcards. These were sold in the Valbona shop. For the first year (July – September 2016), the value of craft products sold was 331,320 ALL. New livestock activities showed progress in the rearing of cows and goats, and the opening the beehive business, but income takes time since they are not in the production period until later next year.


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The 2nd Assembly of RENATE in Rome 2016 ‘’Ending Trafficking Begins With US.’’

RENATE (Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation) has welcomed 130 members from many European countries, to Rome, for their second European Assembly (6-12 November 2016). Here they reflected, learnt, dialogued and shared best practices to combat human trafficking and exploitation. They were motivated by excellent inputs, workshops, presentations and through the testimony of the survivors of this modern slavery. During the second day of the assembly the RENATE Members had a special meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican and each participant had the privilege of greeting His Holiness in person. This was a joyful day for each of them. Imelda Poole IBVM, the President of RENATE, thanked Pope Francis on behalf of the organization, citing specific ways in which he has raised awareness of human trafficking, especially of the suffering of the trafficked. Pope Francis was also thanked for the tremendous support given to those working to eliminate human trafficking and who support and work with survivors. . Please click the link to read the full report: The 2nd Assembly of RENATE in Rome 2016 ‘’Ending Trafficking begins with US.’’



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