MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: September 2016

Launching Event of the “UN.Gift” Box Campaign in Tirana- An Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign.

Launching Event of the “UN.Gift” Box Campaign in Tirana- An Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign.

The launching event started with the march in front of the Prime Minister office, at 10.00. a.m., and then moving towards the “UN Gift” box situated in the “Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard, in front of “Parku Rinia”, in Taivan gardens, at 11.00, for the official opening of the campaign.

In the event were present the Minister of Interior Mr. Saimir Tahiri, Deputy Ministry of Interior Ms. Elona Gjebrea, Prefecture of Tirana Mr. Sadi Vorpsi, Deputy. Minister for Education and Science Ms. Nora Malaj, organizations part of network URAT and other invited.

The purpose of this activity is to raise awareness to the Albanian population about the dangers of Human Trafficking and to help vulnerable communities to protect themselves from the traffickers and to understand better the ways in which survivors of trafficking are helped to re-integrate into society.

Please click here to see the pictures of the event.



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 MWL Education Board Meeting

Research Progamme: Addressing issues of Ethical Behavior and Tackling the Weaknesses to Strengthen the Education System in Albania. A project led by Mary Ward Loreto in cooperation with ACER, Mirnes and the Ministry of Education and Sport in Albania.

Our vision is that Mary Ward Loreto is a Foundation where each person has the experience of being loved and valued as a sacred individual and liberated to help each person grow into the fullness of life. Empowered to be men and women of courage who are alive to the needs of humanity and committed to making a better world.


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Friends of Mary Ward on Mission

The Friends of Mary Ward in Albania had a great meeting this month in Pogradec near Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. We as always, meet together once a month and this meeting involved prayer and reflection to be clearer about our way forward. We were asked to bring one idea into this open discussion on how we see our future as Friends of Mary Ward.

We are a fantastic group. All had great ideas on how we see the future of the friends of Mary Ward. We are a group of volunteers who follow the mission of Mary Ward and we are thinking to do some volunteering work on helping people in need. No doubt we are spiritual people, we pray, reflect and we share together our feelings and our thoughts.

If you want to join us you are welcome.


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A UK Perspective on Trafficking from Albania, Medaille Trust

Mike Emberson, the CEO of the Medaille Trust and Jess Gealer the Staff member of the Medaille and coordinator of the joint initiative in Hampshire against human trafficking, visited MWL over the last few days. During this time we had many meetings with members of MWL staff and representatives from the Police and D&E. They also gave a dynamic training on The Trafficking of Albanians to the UK, New Trends and Challenges”. We also heard of the approaches to the joined up approach in Hampshire. Please, click  here for more information…

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Conference on “Challenges and Perspectives of Men in the Albanian Society”

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation was pleased to launch the research on the Issues and Needs of Albanian Men. This research has been led by the Mary Ward Loreto project called Mary Ward Loreto Men. A Survey of Issues and needs has been conducted in different areas of Albania. The data analysis was made by Stephen Coryelle, PhD, who gave a short presentation of the research findings during the conference. Alfred Matoshi, MWL Men Project Manager, presented his research experience in the field during eight months.

The conference was attended by more than 150 guests from all districts of Albania. Z. Arben Sinojmeri, Ministry of Social issue and Youth was present and gave a short input. The conference was also covered by the media. Participants were free to discuss in round tables the proceedings of the day. Their questions were responded to with great interest by the panel.

Please click here to download the research in English

Please click here to download the research in Albanian

Please  click here to see the photos…..



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