MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: October 2015

Report on Slovenia Conference 2015

“Working With Law Enforcement – Anti Trafficking Partnerships”

Mary Ward Loreto was invited by Medaille Trust to send three members of staff to be present at the Slovenia Conference called “Working with law enforcement –anti trafficking partnerships”. The conference was held in Bled on October 12th – 16th, 2015. The MWL Women Assistant Manager, Irena Kraja, the Social Worker of Shendelli, Zana Guri, and the Social Worker of Fier attended the conference. Together with 3 members from Different & Equal NGO, they were part of an Albanian Team, who were actors in the field for combating Human Trafficking.  30 delegates attended the conference. Continue Reading: Report on Slovenia Conference 2015

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18th October, 2015, European Anti-Human Trafficking Day

18th October, 2015, European Anti-Human Trafficking Day

In European Day against Trafficking in Persons, Mary Ward Loreto Foundation in Albania joined the awareness march organized by the Office of the National Coordinator for Fight against Trafficking in Persons.




Mary Ward Loreto Youth joined the activity


European Day of Human Anti trafficking Events

Ending Modern Slavery:  everyone has a role and everyone can help prevention! 

Mary Ward Loreto Women joined the activity

On the European Day Against Human Trafficking, October 18th, activities took place with the MWL Women’s groups, in Tropoja, Hot i Ri, Kallmet, Fier, and Shendelli. Men joined the activities as well, joining in with their role in prevention and combating Modern Day Slavery. These activities consisted of awareness raising on the phenomena of human trafficking, training on identification of potential victims, how to avoid risk, prayers for the victims and round table discussions. The national helpline number for reporting potential human trafficking cases was distributed to many as part of the campaigns.  The 128 participants realised the necessity to learn more about this phenomena which puts the safety   of their children at risk. Continue Reading: European Day of Human Anti trafficking Events


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The Albanian National Reception Center for Refugees

The Albanian National Reception Center for Refugees: Babrru near Tirana. October 2nd, 2015

The National Reception Centre for Refugees in Albania is in Babrru, Tirana. This centre is supported from the state budget and by the ministry of social welfare, with 15 staff members who offer all services: food, clothing, health care, education for children and integration into the albanian society. Food costs are provided by the state budget, who give approximately 3 dollars a day. Although this is not much it helps. Support also comes from other organizations such as the United Nations aid to Refugees organization which operates in Albania. (UNHCR) The link to this agency in the Balkans is: (  The process of their local integration is still a difficult challenge and a joint effort takes place between the stakeholders: refugees, public authorities, non-governmental organizations and foreign agencies. Continue Reading: Report on Visit to The Reception Centre for Refugees Babrru.

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The International Symposium on Pastoral Care of Migrants and Street People(14 – 17 September, 2015).

‘He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor’ (Luke 4:18)

Vatican_groupThis symposium was held at The Vatican and led by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People. The message from Pope Francis and the teachings of the Church has always been strong and clear in relation to those in need. We need to stand by the refugees and migrants, protect their rights, protest against evil, give shelter, love and compassion and a chance for them to live a life of dignity. The planet and all that is in it is the common heritage of all. The bounty of the earth is not just for the powerful few to the exclusion of the rest of humanity, but for all.English-Group-working-on-the-plan-of-action

Continue Reading:  The International Symposium on Pastoral Care of Migrants and Street People – September 2015

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Thank You to Everyone!

Thank You to Everyone!

We would like to thank our generous donors for their support who have enabled Mary Ward Loreto to implement their plan of action during the year.

In particular we thank our European donors, OneMenMiva, Members of the IBVM English Province, Mary Ward International Spain, our many donors from the UK, both individuals and parishes, individual donors in Australia and USA, The Medaille Trust and the Loreto Schools, also in the UK. These are our present donors but as this is our first newsletter, we would like to include in our thanks those who have been our donors in the past. This includes all of the above people and groups but also, Mary Ward International Ireland, Mary Ward International Australia, and the Conrad Hilton Foundation for Religious, USA. We would also like to thank our collaborators and volunteers who have worked tirelessly on our behalf during this year. Also we want to thank Mary Ward Loreto Foundation team, who have worked tirelessly to implement the aims and goals of the projects in such a creative and fruitful way. Without them the empowerment of so many beneficiaries would not have been accomplished.

Thank you again on behalf of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, for your very kind support and trust. Without your continued support the mission of Mary Ward Loreto Foundation would be impossible.

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