MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change.
The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Month: December 2013

Anti Trafficking work develops in new ways December 2013

The beginning of December opened after a brilliant four days holiday celebrating Independence Day in Albania. Albania had been freed from the hands of the Turks just 101 years ago. During that time Sally and I visited Kruje with Pjeter Tanushaj, our logistics officer.  Kruje is the seat of the hero warrior of Albania, Kastrioti Skandenbeu.  We had a happy holiday which also included a trip to the opera house, for two great nights, to listen to the Maria Kraja performers compete for the best singer of the year.  It was brilliant. Sally Keeley continued to stay with us until December 17th so there was a great deal of activity for all of the workers, as the different training programmes gradually unfolded.  We were sorry to see Sally go after a such a good time of wonderful  conversation and an invaluable experience for all of the workers.

During this time we also welcomed the British Ambassador who asked to come to Mary Ward Loreto to experience something of our work.  We were very proud to welcome Nicholas Cannon at this time.  He loved meeting all of the staff and having the chance for personal conversation with so many of them. They discussed the work and their dreams for the future.


Imelda Poole IBVM (Loreto) and Ana Stakaj welcoming Nicholas Cannon, the British Ambassador in Albania, to the Foundation offices of Mary Ward Loreto


In the Meeting Room with some of the Staff of Mary Ward Loreto


Ana Stakaj and Irena Kraja discussing the work of Mary Ward’s Women with  Nicholas Cannon

Great progress was made during this time with the project URAT.  All the marketing materials were produced by the end of this month, in readiness for the training programmes against trafficking in human persons, to take place in 40 areas of Albania in 2014.

Below are some examples of these training materials, Besides these the team leading this project will use a photonovello, posters, questionaires etc etc.



The Think Tank Education Albania is also moving along at a pace and as we speak they are finalising the questionnaires to be used in the research, planned in the New Year.


The Mary Ward Loreto Board meeting met again in December to finalise all the legal requirements for the change of address for the Foundation and also to register the Board in the courts.  We now have  a new member who has replaced Estela Bulku who had to resign in November due to conflict of interest.  She has been promoted to UN status.  We congratulate Estela and welcome Zef Gjeta as the new member of the Board.  He is an agriconomist and works at the university of Tirana at the college of agriculture and  also works in the field advising farmers on new developments.  Zef is an advisor for the project Mary Ward’s Women. We are glad to welcome him into this group.

Many meetings took place this month, as for some of the projects, it is the end of a financial year and so there were many reviews of work and closures of this years finance accounting.

We ended the year with a great night out at a restaurant called Dy Luani (Two Lions) which also had the added extra of a local music group which meant that besides eating and having good conversation we also had a night of music and dancing.  It was a great end to the year. The pictures say it all!


Ana, Val Pjeter, Irena and Altin

 Majlinda Beni Tani,Lola, ImeldaMirjam, Arta and Merkul

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends around the world and to all those who might read this news. We hope you have a very merry time and that the New Year brings much peace and many blessings.

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November Continued……

This was an action packed month both at home and abroad.

During the month we welcomed two visitors to Mary Ward Loreto.  The first was Sally Keeley from Adelaide, Australia.  She is a past pupil of Loreto Adelaide and through her contact with Mary Ward International, Australia, she offered her expertise of working in all aspects of project management with the Australian Government, as a trainer volunteer in Albania.  Our first contact with Sally was made nearly a year before this, during which time Sally has worked tirelessly on email and through SKYPE organising six training programmes, with different groups in Albania, connected with Mary ward Loreto. Her training programmes ranged from strategic planning for the next three years, empowering and development work, risk management, monitoring and assessment, project management, project writing and planning and capacity building. The pictures below give a pot pourri of the great work accomplished during the 5 – 6 weeks which Sally spent with us. There is also a hint of fun and sharing culturally between the two countriesPicture1

In Hot I Ri


In Shkodra






With Little Angels Roma Project Staff

Picture7In Shendilli near Saranda

Thank You Sally for great work done.  Everyone was delighted with the outcome of so much training.  It has been a big step forward for all of us.

During this time we also welcomed another visitor, Diane Killian, from the UK, who continued the work, on behalf of the Medaille Trust, with Mary Ward Loreto, to assess in a fuller way how we could partner with them more specifically.  This time we focused on the work of Mary Ward’s Women in the south. Di write a very helpful report which included the experience she had of the shelter for trafficked victims run by the NGO Different and Equal.   Di became fully involved with the people in all the places she visited and I think that both Sally and Di might come to visit us again!

Below you can see Di fully involved with the children of Saranda.



All the rest of the work of Mary Ward Loreto continued apace with new developments in both the new projects, ‘Think Tank Education Albania’ and ‘URAT’. There seemed to be more requests than normal through our websites, for returnee  victims of trafficking from the UK to be  supported once they landed in the country of Albania.  These requests came from social workers, immigration officers and key workers at asylum centres in the UK. It would seem that there is a huge increase of trafficked victims from Albania being rescued in the UK. We here this also from our partners in the UK who have shelters and who  now say that Albanian victims are No 1 in the numbers rescued, even overtaking the women rescued from Nigeria. These requests demand a rapid response, as often we are only given one day’s notice.  The victims only know the day before when they are handed their air ticket that they will be deported the next day. They come back traumatised and needing a great deal of help. It is a cruel and harsh reality which they face after they have been rescued from the brutal treatment experienced form the hands of the trafficker and then into care which can quickly be followed by deportation. There is nothing more to be said though we continue to lobby and work  for change across borders and through all of our networks.



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