Youth in Albania are facing a wide range of challenges and especially regarding the youth situated in the most remote areas of Albania. Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, through the work of the Youth project, desires to respond to the spoken and most important needs of youth. This is why the first year of this project was focused on the realisation of a needs assessment of 1,000 youth in Albania. Through the questionnaires and the focus groups, made all over Albania, we heard the voice of youth, we have built an Action Plan based on the findings of this research and this included the interviews with key stakeholders, religious organisations and the statutory bodies. Their views have also been taken into consideration as the action plan was written. By realizing the study, we have built the network with future partners for the implementation of this project. An advisory board has been established which includes representation from all of these groups. Before publishing the study, three meetings were made with the group leaders to evaluate the research and to look at its findings, recommendations and conclusions. The study was successfully publicized and Mary Ward Loreto Foundation organized a conference to present the research’s findings and to launch the MWL Youth Project. Youth and stakeholders participated in the event and gave their contribution by proposing the actions to be taken by MWL Youth Project.





This project aims to realize the prosperity of youth through education, according to the analysis of their needs. We consider education as opening up opportunities and skills which are useful for life, work and for future happiness. We believe that the young person reaches their potential through education and experience. Our work is focused on empowering young people to function fully in their own communities, to be employed, and to become freed for citizenship, and able to animate change in Albania. We enhance personal development of youth, notably vulnerable populations, enabling them to claim their right to human dignity and a right to work. Mary Ward Loreto Youth will be nationally recognized as the main project in support of Freedom, Justice, Sincerity and Hope in Albania. We will be known for strong advocacy, operational excellence and for taking the initiative to add value to vulnerable young people through vocational education and human empowerment.

• To create a network of protagonists and stakeholders who together will ensure young people have the capacity to improve their lives, find dignity and become empowered to be the people they were born to become.
• To continue the work of awareness raising against trafficking in partnership with the URAT network, in cities and in the rural and informal regions of Albania.
• To enable youth to become economically independent.
• To work for the human development of Youth.

We will sustain our operations by working in partnerships with all organizations, projects and working boards who will be part of this enterprise.

 Areas Where MWL Youth Operate


Three Focus Groups:

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Training Programme Areas:

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Mary Ward Loreto Youth Project’s strategy in achieving its goals is based on the development of these two main components:

 1) Working with 3 Focus Groups, in 3 areas with 38 young people, specifically: 

12 young people in Puka,

12 young people in Tirana

14 young people in Lushnja

For each of the areas, we lead these young people towards their employment preferences by firstly assisting them to enrol in their chosen courses and to assess their progress during these vocational trainings. After graduating from their vocational trainings, MWL Youth ensures that each young person does an internship by a company or institution, which gives them the chance to practice their knowledge and get used to a working environment. The next step is to equip them with professional tool kits containing the main instruments of their work (as interns or self-employed).

They are also involved in three “Human Development” trainings sessions. For the 3 Focus Groups there is a special training session on the subject of “Job Instruments”, including:

–   Practical information on how to write and shape a CV,

–   Description of a letter of interest and role plays in a job interview.

–   MWL Youth plans to introduce two other trainings in the framework of “Human and Economic Development”:

–   “Different and Equal”- a training on self-acceptance and against any form of discrimination,

–   “Learn entrepreneurship”- a training on entrepreneurship and business issues.

2) “Human Development” -Training Sessions with Youth Groups in 13 different areas all over Albania.

MWL Youth target groups consist of young boys and girls varying from 15 to 25 years old and spread in 13 specific areas of the country. These areas have been chosen after conducting a professional field research by the Foundation, analysing the level of vulnerability in each area and the community necessities. The targeted youth groups in words are reached through contacts between MWL and local partners in these areas, meaning churches, schools or any other partner who is considered to be very close to the community. Our aim is to reach a number of 300 participants.

Events and Action


Leadership Program at Lagje Mirdita, Durres

On the 16th of December 2016, the first Leadership training was held at “Lagje Mirdita”, in Durres. Although part of Durres municipality, this neighborhood suffers a high level of marginalization and is composed of a homogeneous community of migrants from the region of Mirdita. 13 boys and girls from the MWL Youth group are committed to following the MWL Youth Leadership Program and are being trained in leadership skills. The purpose is to enable them to become transformed into important actors of their community and beyond. The 1st training delivered by MWL Psychologist Trainer, Zana Guri, has offered a wide panorama of what Leadership means and how it can become a touchable concept also for these youngsters raised in difficult backgrounds.

First Training on Communication Skills for Youth

Part of the Human Development Training schedule of MWL Youth is the topic of “Communication Skills” for our targeted youth groups in 15 areas around Albania. The first one took place on January 9th  with the youth group of Lushnja. The MWL Youth Focus Group and many other youngsters from nearby villages formed a nice group of 20 boys and girls. Breaking down the authoritarian stereotype of communication is highlighted as a challenge and a communication skills problems that affects youth in todays Albanian society.

A story of Achievement…

img_6430Since the first interview, F, declared that he would like to become a mechanic. While I was asking what might be another vocational training preference, he said that it cannot be any other, , except the mechanics course. I was really surprised that a 19 years old boy could be so clear about this decision for his life and what he wanted to do. When I asked why he had not already done this he said that he couldn’t afford the costs, because the closest vocational training center was 60 km far from his town and  the transport costs totaling 500 ALL (about 4 euros) per day. His family couldn’t pay the expenses. His father is the only one who works as a guard for 22 000 ALL (approx. 162 euro) per month which is not even enough for their living without having extra expenses. Almost, half of his father’s salary would be spent for covering his travel to the vocational training center. With the support of the MWL Youth project, he was registered and followed the vocational training course. The instructor was impressed by this young boy because of his eagerness to know more. F asked the instructor if he would accept him to stay longer and the instructor accepted happily. He used to spend hours in the vocational training center’s car service after the lessons. At the end of the vocational training course, we asked the instructor if there were any possibility to do a work experience. He recommended a car service in F’s town. He contacted the owner and directed us to meet him. The owner was happy to receive F, due to the recommendations of the instructor. After a month of work experience, he employed F, and now he is happy to have on board a really passionate young worker who wants to know more and more by exploring and working.

Human Anti-trafficking Trainings

sarande-6The first Human Anti-trafficking training in the recently started working year for MWL Youth, was held in Kukës, on 22nd of September. The training was hosted at the “American Corner” and thirty teenagers from High-schools of the city and surroundings, as well as representatives from local public institutions participated in this event. Present at the training was Imelda Poole. The next awareness-raising session on Human Anti-trafficking was held in the High-school of Këlcyra, on 13th of October. A large group of 50 pupils from that school took part, with ages varying from 15 to 18. There was a good mixture of boys and girls and despite the high numbers in one tiny classroom, the training went smoothly. Due to the big number of participants, the training was mainly focused on interactive activities and therefore the interest was kept high. The third event during this time was Human Anti-trafficking training in Saranda, at the High-school, in November, with 30 pupils participating. The feedback was great from their part and the professors asked for further collaboration with the same topic. We continue reaching out in Kelcyra, through our trainings, due to its high levels of vulnerability and considering the network we have already built there. Other 12 trainings on Human Anti-trafficking will be conducted during this year and we are really looking forward to committing ourselves to making a deep impact in these communities suffering from difficult social and economic background. Therefore, it would be fair to say that these trainings have been a really good start for our awareness raising work since the summer.

Human Anti Trafficking Training with the Medical Staff of Mirdita Hospital, in Rrëshen

IMG_5181As a response to the invitation by the Hospital of Mirdita, on Monday, the 14th of December, Mary Ward Loreto, in collaboration with Peace Corps, presented its Human Anti-Trafficking Awareness Raising Session at the Regional Hospital in Rrëshen. 22 doctors, nurses and other staff coming from Rrëshen, as well as areas around, were involved in the training. The purpose of our presence there was mostly oriented in offering an instructions guide on how to identify a victim by the health symptoms and what to do in case they believe they are facing someone trafficked. Therefore, the presentation included a medical aspect of the most common health profile of a victim. “What can we do if they come to us? Why would they come to us and not to the police station? Why do we need to take the risk to help these people? Isn’t that too much of a responsibility for a doctor?” were their questions which surprisingly suggested insecurity and a sense of non-willingness to “deal with it”. Although they claimed to have never heard or face any similar situation in their professional life, they accepted to hand out the cards with the contacts of shelters to doubtful patients they might receive in the future. One person approached us about the issue saying that there were indeed many returned trafficked victims in the region who needed support but they had not known what to do. We hope that now, more people needing care, will be referred through the emergency helpline, to those who can support these victims of modern day slavery.

New Staff for MWL Youth

11204447_10205912171260017_3436886326899894078_nMy name is Sara Çapaliku and I have just got on board as a staff member of Mary Ward Loreto, gratefully! The opportunity to be a Youth Trainer at the MWL Youth Project, came to me after graduating from a Masters in European Studies, in Germany. As a student of Law and European Studies, I was seeking a job that would motivate and inspire me to use my knowledge for a good cause. Not only my studies have driven me through to the path of Justice, but also my natural will and my dreams to always contribute in the fight against the violation of Human  Rights. What brought me here, I think, was a wish that I gently felt in my heart, to be part of a team that has a voice and not only that, but also a hand and an ear for the most vulnerable people of the society. I came back to my country after living abroad, not sad and disappointed because of my return, as you could think, but instead, I came seeing a light that was guiding me and I just decided to follow it. Being raised in Albania, means your skin gets thicker by observing, but also being a subject of many kinds of abuse, without even recognizing it. The point in my job is to recognize it, and that is just the start, because my duty is to make others aware of it and with that, to make them less vulnerable in front of it. I am going to travel across the country to train groups of youth on the issue of
Human Trafficking and I will as well contribute for the other line of our Youth Project, which aims to give economic empowerment to the youth. These two lines collaborate perfectly to succeed in the reduction of young people becoming victims of trafficking or subjects of different kinds of abuse. It is a process towards positive energy, strength and lots of love.

Mary Ward Loreto Youth Conference

10570538_825959257463004_817846974246303760_nA conference was held at The Tirana International Hotel to launch this research and present the issues and needs of youth in Albania. These had been defined in the research as a result of hours of listening and a careful analysis of the findings in which the issues and needs were recognized. The following is an outline of the programme for this innovative conference in which the young people took part with music, drama and poetry. The questions and discussion arising at this conference animated the whole day and have led to a dynamic plan of action being formed.



Thank you, Volunteers! Celebrate International Volunteers Day, December 5, 2016

International Volunteer Day takes place on December 5th each year and is celebrated in a majority of countries throughout the world.

MWL Volunteers are engaged in volunteering their time, energies, and skills.  They are also engaged in different campaigns to combat human trafficking.

We thank all MWL volunteers for their contribution and we encourage everyone to get involved and to make a difference in their own communities.

Many thanks to everyone,




Mary Ward Loreto Youth Project
Six Month Report: October 2015 – March 2016

MWL-Report-2016---FinalMary Ward Loreto Youth Project’s strategy in achieving its goals is based on the development of these two main components: Working with 3 Focus Groups. Offering “Human Development” trainings to youth groups in 13 different areas all over Albania.
We are working in 3 areas with 38 young people. For each of the areas, we lead these young people towards their employment preferences by firstly assisting them to enrol in their chosen courses and to assess their progress during these vocational trainings. After graduating from their vocational trainings, MWL Youth ensures that each young person does an internship by a company or institution, which gives them the chance to practice their knowledge and get used to a working environment. The next step is to equip them with professional tool kits containing the main instruments of their work (as interns or self-employed). Please click here to download the report…

The Annual Report October 2014 – September 2015


This is the period when the MWL Foundation is beginning to implement the MWL YOUTH project guided by youth through the needs assessment realized in its first year. The project aims to facilitate the difficult path that the youth have to go through from unemployment to the Labour market. Its strategy starts with the identification of their individual needs and potential which are discovered through the personal interviews. This document is going to be even an educative plan which leads to work designed by each young person included in the project. For more information please read the report…

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Research report
“Assessment of the attitude and the perceptions of
youth relating to their needs, concerns, expectations,
motivation and readiness about life change/

Please click here to read it

Raport studimor
“Vlerësimi i qëndrimeve dhe i perceptimeve
të të rinjve në lidhje me nevojat, vështirësitë,
pritshmëritë, motivimin dhe predispozicionin për
të përmirësuar/ndryshuar kushtet e tyre të jetesës”

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