The Launching of the Research: Ethics in the Education System in Albania

MWL Education Project would like to present to you the newly published research work called: Ethics in the Education System in Albania.Thank you to Mrs Nora Malaj, Deputy Minister of Education, Zef Preci and the Researchers from ACER, the Coordinator of the project, Gerda Sula and the Board of MWL Education who led this work to its completion. We are grateful to all for such great collaboration throughout this process.

Please click here to read the study report “Ethics in the Education System in Albania”, in English.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar raportin studimor “Etika në Sistemin Arsimor në Shqipëri”, në shqip.

Please click the link below to read the full minutes, including all discussion points, of the MWL Education conference.  We hope you will find these minutes an interesting addition to the excellent Research project now published on this website. Minutes: Conference – Ethics in the Education System in Albania, 13.04.2017

Ju lutem klikoni në linkun e mëposhtëm për të lexuar procesverbalin e plotë, duke përfshirë të gjitha pikat e diskutimit, të konferencës së Arsimit  të MWL-s. Ne shpresojmë që në këtë procesverbal, ju do të gjeni një shtesë interesante për projektin e shkëlqyer kërkimor të botuar tani në këtë faqe interneti. Procesverbali i Konferencës: Prezantimi i Dokumentit Kërkimor: “Etika Në Sistemin Arsimor Në Shqipëri”


MWL Education: National Research of Corruption and Ethics in the Education System

MWL Education aims to expose the weaknesses, the corruption and the strengths of the education system in Albania and then to define the priorities and challenges in the future for the Mary Ward Loreto Education Project in Albania. It aims to research the reality of the education system from Kindergarten to University level and to note any good qualities which might emerge in the research. The project will research and measure the competence of the teachers in the implementation of the curriculum in the education system. It will research the role and the influence of the parents in the implementation of the education system and it will raise awareness of the findings of this research and the reality it exposes of the ethics and standards controlling the education system in Albania. The Education ministry after MWL Education had conducted a successful pilot research in 2013 has given their full support for this research to become a national project. 6,000 people will be interviewed. We await funding for the development of this project to proceed at a national level. Please read the concept note for this project here

Albania, as an official EU candidate country, has much progress to make toward the EU’s education benchmarks before its accession. While education improvement in Albania is supported by its government and growing economy, the country still faces many obstacles to matching the educational outputs of its neighbors in Western Europe….

The priorities of Albania’s education system are to:

  • – Reform governance systems and strengthen system management capacity with special focus on policy development linked to research and EMIS data, as well as on decentralization, school autonomy and accountability issues;
  • – Improve the quality of teaching and learning processes with special emphasis on a demand driven curriculum model, which focuses on acquisition of necessary skills for the labour market; and
  • – Improve the efficiency of education
  • – Albania’s education system actually has to deal with the following priorities:
  • – A Reformation of governmental systems and the strengthening of management capacity. MWL Educatio has already conducted a pilot research in one university and one high school chosen by the ministry of Education which was presented at a prestigious ocnference which the ministry attended . they whole heartedly endorsed the work and agreed to support the work at a national level.  It is only funding which has prevented the implementation of this task. ( Albanian Government Process)

The report image for educationMWL Board established to process this work are volunteer academics working either at the university or as consultants in education.  The research itself was conducted by a professional research group who were employed by MWL Education to conduct this Research. MWL funded this company with part of the funding given by a european donor as an umbrella grant for MWL. The present education system has never been fully researched and the pilot research has revealed that the system is falling apart and the next generation is suffering.  The government has failed to deal with this serious problem. The climate in Albania is one of change.  This is the time to tackly these problems and to expose the corruption and weakness in the government to deal with these issues.  The population in Albania is eager for change and there is a deep seated sense of despair and disappointment with the slow manner of change at this time.  The numbers who came to MWL education conference was startling.  It was standing room only in a vast conference hall. Without revealing the truth there is no argument for change. MWL has as its ethic and philosophy to work for freedom, justice and truth.

education leaflet imageThe on-going aim of this project is to research a wide percentage of the population of Albania through using virtual ways in social networks. For security and for safe action in a carefully worded, digital and interactive questionnaire which will be written and uploaded on a safe and secured Facebook page or on other safe social networks. We will of course be employing a professional to ocnduct the research nationwide at every level of the sysytem of education. The methodology will be with the use of questionnaires, interviews, focus groups: Teachers, Parents, Directors, Students, ministry of education ISA, ICAP. We will Involve TV and the media in this research.The Research will include a careful look at the present curricula: the advantages and disadvantages in the light of the Albanian culture and reality. Parents will be involved in this research. We will also examine the role of businiss in the education system: has the education of the children/students in Albania become a business? We will be looking at the question: How is the present education system impacting the psychological and human development of  the students – for good or for bad?  It will be helpful to involve a team of psychologists in this work. The outcome will be a revised and ethical education system with school premises which match this high standard and ethic. Thousands of students in Albania will benefit from this project. The families of all of these students will benefit and ultimately the whole future of Albania depends on a successful education system. It is estimated that 6,000 students, parents, governors and teachers, ministers from the government and interested members of the public will be engaged in this research.

Signing the contract with ACER of the research MWL Ed (1) Minister of Ed Nora Malaj Education

One of the recommendations of the pilot research is being used in the present reality to continue this great  work and expose the need for systemic change in the schools in Albania.

”Review the school curriculum in order to effectively expand it, with the purpose of a wider involvement of ethical values in teaching processes, and the scheduled undertaking of extra-curricular activities, and organizing broad permanent campaigns on anti-corruption. This will further enrich the level of recognition of the ethical issues and anti-corruption by students and teachers, as well as making them more aware and interactive with other actors in the field of education and outside it. Further improve the legal framework for ethical standards of education, particularly the Code of Ethics for Teachers, enriching this act with generally accepted principles and rules of global best practices and Albanian ones, related to professional responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity; an effective determination on the part of the ministry of ecducation to clarify the functions, roles and responsibilities of the education directors at the educational institution, at local and central level.”

The only risk we take is that in publically exposing the levels of corruption and lack of ethical standards in the education establishment, we heighten the wrath of those who are benefitting from such a high level of blackmail and corruption in these establishments. This is an accepted outcome but this is the right thing to do. The Board of the project will ensure the outcomes are reached.  The pilot project was conducted in a highly professional manner and the achievement of  this intial project was far greater than anyone expected even though it only researched one university and one high school in Tirana.  These were chosen by the minister of Education as two of the best establishments.  She was shocked by the outcome. Change can only come about by exposing the deceit and the corruption as a first step.  The second step will be to look at best practice across other countries and the third step is to devise a good education system which has the good will of the government for implementation.  We can but live in hope to realise all of these steps, little by little. It is automatically acknowledged that the final stages of this project can only be achieved by the government and because of the good will in the government.  We have to, at every step of the way, work with the ministry of education to ensure they walk alongside this development and are excited by the thought of change.

It is very important for the credibility of the  pilot research, which launched this project, that it is completed with a national research as was hoped would be achieved by the minister of education.  There is no good will in this present time, from the government, to support the minister of education financially, in her dream of transformation of this system.  The government has declared itself to be without funds.