The Launching of the Research: Ethics in the Education System in Albania

MWL Education Project would like to present to you the newly published research work called: Ethics in the Education System in Albania.Thank you to Mrs Nora Malaj, Deputy Minister of Education, Zef Preci and the Researchers from ACER, the Coordinator of the project, Gerda Sula and the Board of MWL Education who led this work to its completion. We are grateful to all for such great collaboration throughout this process.

Please click here to read the study report “Ethics in the Education System in Albania”, in English.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar raportin studimor “Etika në Sistemin Arsimor në Shqipëri”, në shqip.

The event organized from Mary Ward Loreto Foundation in Albania

“Mary Ward’s Hope for Women”

“Women in time to come, will do much…”

With more than 4 years of experience working in rural and isolated areas of Albania, Mary Ward Loreto Foundation is implementing The MWL Women Project, enabling the social and economic empowerment of women and girls. The project is implemented in 6 regions in Albania and helps women to get the necessary resources, rights and opportunities to ensure their escape from vulnerability, in its aim to prevent the risk against trafficking in persons. The documentary, together with an exhibition of Women’s handmade crafts and souvenir, was available to the public on Tuesday, March 28th 2017, from 09.30 – 13.00, at Tirana International Hotel, in an event that MWL has prepared on behalf of its Women’s Project, for celebrating the women in Albania. The struggles, efforts and results of the work undertaken by these women to get out of their vulnerable situation, are remarkable. In their efforts to escape their poor status, women make continuously, handmade crafts and souvenirs, with the hope to make some profit. MWL has made an appealing documentary to tell their story; the story of 4 incredibly courageous women who are making the change and is a model for their friends to follow. The event’s programme was outlined in a way that provided the participants with a holistic experience leaving a lasting impact. It was impressive to hear this side of the Albanian women’s story from the disadvantaged areas and their efforts to become empowered. They spoke about their concerns, their gratitude for the support given to them, and their hopes and wishes for the future. They expressed these changes whilst trembling with emotion. It was very
inspiring. Please click here for more…

The 2nd Assembly of RENATE in Rome 2016 ‘’Ending Trafficking begins with US.’’

hfdgRENATE (Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation) has welcomed 130 members from many European countries, to Rome, for their second European Assembly (6-12 November 2016). Here they reflected, learnt, dialogued and shared best practices to combat human trafficking and exploitation. They were motivated by excellent inputs, workshops, presentations and through the testimony of the survivors of this modern slavery. During the second day of the assembly the RENATE Members had a special meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican and each participant had the privilege of greeting His Holiness in person. This was a joyful day for each of them. Imelda Poole IBVM, the President of RENATE, thanked Pope Francis on behalf of the organization, citing specific ways in which he has raised awareness of human trafficking, especially of the suffering of the trafficked. Pope Francis was also thanked for the tremendous support given to those working to eliminate human trafficking and who support and work with survivors. Please click the link to read the full report: The 2nd Assembly of RENATE in Rome 2016 ‘’Ending Trafficking begins with US.’’


On Sunday 4th September, 2016 in Rome, Mother Teresa of Calcutta is to be canonised.

14191927_1173981662645276_1798282930621310449_nMother Teresa of Calcutta
Mother Teresa spent 20 years as a Loreto Sister. All through her life the ties and friendship between herself and the Institute remained firm, and she was personally known to many of our sisters, especially in India.
Much has been written about Mother Teresa over the years, and many books, films and documentaries have been produced. We have gathered together these few articles, reflections and photos on the occasion of her canonisation to honour her and to remember her, not only as a former member, but most of all as a friend of IBVM.
To read the Booklet of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, go to: Mother-Teresa-Booklet-online-viewing-version



The launching event of UN.Gift Box campaign in Durrës

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and National Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Persons, Elona Gjebrea, welcomed this initiative and urged all citizens to call on the help line Number: 116 006  to report any concern about trafficking in persons, or to  report in the “Raporto! Shpeto” which can be downloaded from Google Play. URAT network has been the organizers of this campaign in Albania in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of the Interior and STOP THE TRAFFIK, UK. All participants signed a symbolic statement “Say No to Trafficking”.

Until now: 

3805 people have shown an interest by visiting the UN.Gift Box.

916 people have signed a declaration against human trafficking.

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IMG_5139 IMG_5145 IMG_5240
IMG_5204 IMG_5185 IMG_5248

Imelda Poole, IBVM, Interview with Global Sisters Report for February, 8th

Sr Imelda for GSR pic (1000x894)Imelda Poole, IBVM, President of Mary Ward Loreto is featured in this week’s edition of The Global Sister’s Report, a Project of National Catholic Report in the United States of America.

Interviewed by Sarah Mac Donald, a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland, Imelda talks about her work in Albania and the work of the wider network RENATE, during this week which started with the 8th of February, the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking.

Full text available here: Imelda Poole IBVM_Interview with GSR for St. Bakhita Day 2016.

 Events in Union with the International day of Prayer Against trafficking


Albania cannot be indifferent to human trafficking and we have to fight together to stop this global issue. The primary objective of the International Day is to create greater awareness about this phenomenon and to reflect on the overall situation of violence and injustice that affect so many people who have no voice, do not count, and are no one: they are simply slaves.

At this special time our eyes focus on those who proclaim freedom. This message invites us to contemplate the reality of millions of our brothers and sisters who are exploited and trafficked and have no freedom. Our hearts are touched when we hear the dreams and desires for a peaceful life, a dignified life, a life in abundance. Our ears listen to stories of hope and mercy. This is the story of Giuseppina Bakhita. During this time, we carry St Bakhita in our heart and thoughts. She is the Patron Saint of the kidnapped and trafficked people.

Please click here to find all the activities, with pictures, of the other events that have been organized in many other cities during this special week.

The Second MWL Newsletter

Newsletter 2

We would like to present to you the second issue of Mary Ward Loreto Newsletter.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

Please click here to download the Newsletter in English

Please click here to download the Newsletter in  Albanian

Report on Slovenia Conference 2015

Attendees at Slovenia Conference

Attendees at Slovenia Conference

 “Working With Law Enforcement – Anti Trafficking Partnerships”

Mary Ward Loreto was invited by Medaille Trust to send three members of staff to be present at the Slovenia Conference called “Working with law enforcement –anti trafficking partnerships”. The conference was held in Bled on October 12th – 16th, 2015. The MWL Women Assistant Manager, Irena Kraja, the Social Worker of Shendelli, Zana Guri, and the Social Worker of Fier attended the conference. Together with 3 members from Different & Equal NGO, they were part of an Albanian Team, who were actors in the field for combating Human Trafficking. Continue Reading: Report on Slovenia Conference 2015

Friends of Mary Ward‏

As this month’s meeting of the Friends of Mary Ward would be the last before the holidays, some of the group went on a pilgrimage and mini retreat to Kallmet, where the group could reflect at the beautiful Eufemia church and surrounding area. The theme for the retreat was ‘Trust in God’.  We reflected on some of the stages in Mary Ward’s life where she was most challenged. We prayed together, had silence for contemplation and shared our reflections after pondering on some of the pictures of the Painted Life of Mary Ward. We reflected on how her struggles and her faith in overcoming these, could be applied in our own lives. After a morning of prayer we went to a beautiful setting where an established organic restaurant had been developed.  The meal was delicious. We ended the day drinking coffee near the sea at shengjin.  We were a very happy group on our return home.

Friends of Mary Ward (4)      Friends of Mary Ward (1)

Art Exhibition at MWL



A new and rather different venture emerged by the second week of April when a group of psychologists in Albania asked for help to fund raise to cover the cost of their fees for studying Cognitive Behavioural Psychology.  This is a four year course and led by a team of specialists from Israel. The first decision made to raise these funds was to paint 50 pictures. Three of the group were artists. MWL offered  to host the exhibition.  A few pictures were sold and others were sold through contacts in the UK.  An event followed at one of the hotels, courtesy of the International group in Tirana,  at which another two pictures were sold.  Imelda had the opportunity to speak about the mission of MWL at this event so it had an extra benefit for MWL. So far over 2,000 euro has been made, enough for the first deposit to be given by each student.  Well done psychologists!  To the right is one of the paintings which has been sold:


MWL is constantly receiving visitors to the Foundation, developing networks and strengthening the work through good collaboration. An important collaboration has been with the Medaille Trust not only for the donation which has been received for two years now, for the development of the work with the women of Shendilli, but also for effective cross border collaboration. The partnership has led the Medaille trust staff to come to Albania to see the work being done and to enter into good dialogue about this. The same has happened on several occasions when MWL staff have gone to the UK to visit the shelters and to develop good practice by working with Albanian victims of trafficking who are staying at the UK shelters. A joined up approach took place in Slovenia where staff from D&E, MWL and the Medaille trust met with members of the police to develop ways of collaborating more effectively across border.  Visitors also include representatives from the police, Professors from the university of Tirana,, the Peace Corps, stakeholders from Albanian NGOs, Priests and religious and Bishop George Frendo OP who has always supported our work.

MWL Links with the Albanian Government

We have been encouraged, especially over the last year, to work for systemic change in Albania.  This is seen to be one of the most important challenges being faced in the fight against the modern day slavery of human trafficking.  Vulnerable people are the main target of the traffickers.  It is our work to free people from the chains of poverty which leads to misery. The work for systemic change has led MWL to set up an academic group who first made a pilot research highlighting the corruption and poor ethic in the education system.  The issues regarding poverty and high unemployment of youth in Albania has led to an effective research, informing us of the way forward with the Youth project (YEP) and has also been the process for the Mary Ward’s Women project.  All of these initiatives have moved the MWL Foundation closer into the departments of the government who gave us their support and were present at the events which presented the research topics and exposed the truth.  Nora Malaj from the Ministry of Education, Elona Gjebrea, from the Home office, with the port folio of anti trafficking and Anuela ? representing  the ministry for youth within the labour ministry, were all present at these various  events and openly supported the initiatives. MWL is represented on the government coalition against trafficking and is represented on the EU Civil Society platform against trafficking. Elona Gjebrea has spoken at three of our events which have included also the Board Meeting of RENATE held in Albania this year and logistically managed by MWL.