12 young boys and girls are part of the Puka’s Focus Group. This group is specific for the reason that its members, after finishing their vocational trainings, spread in four different cities for their working experiences (Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha and Puka). 2 of the boys graduated in Mechanics from the Vocational Training Centre of Shkodra and the third one finished his studies in Tirana. The three of them are now following their working experience programmes in Lezha, Tirana and Puka. The one who preferred to follow a cooking course did its internship at a famous restaurant in Lezha. Now he is an employer there, working during the weekends and for when there are big events organized by the restaurant. Two girls who studied Informatics are now in Shkodra, doing their working experience at an internet centre. The situation is on hold for the girl who undertook a vocational training in secretarial business. The Ministry of Education has agreed to offer a period of working experience to her, as soon as the building finishes the renovation.

On the other hand, for the two hairdresser girls of the group, it has been easy to find working experience by a hairdresser in Tirana. They will soon attend another course on cosmetics and nails, to increase the chances for getting employed. Other 2 girls are still progressing with their hairdressing courses in Puka, as this course includes cosmetics, as well. For all the 4 girls we already purchased the necessary professional tool kits. 1 girl is studying English in Tirana with a view to work at a call centre.