This group is the biggest group composed by 14 young people. 7 of them are still following their vocational trainings in Fier. 4 are enrolled in Hairdressing courses; 2 in the Mechanical Vocational Training Course in Durres and 1 is following the Hydraulic Vocational Training Course in Lushnja.

For those of the hairdressing course we have recently purchased professional tool kits, as a basic necessity for their work during their practices in the course. 4 girls have already finished their vocational training courses for the profession of Secretary and they are doing their work experiences in Lushnja. Also, 2 of the boys who studied for carpentry and electrician are doing their work experiences by two small enterprises in Lushnja. The girl whose preference was cooking is still continuing her course and work experience at one of the most famous restaurants in Lushnja. The owner of the restaurant shared with us the best impressions on her behalf, therefore based on her words, she might hire the girl during this summer as assistant cook.