Mary Ward Loreto Staff Training on Safeguarding Policy.

MWL Foundation has now concluded the process of creating a Safeguarding Policy to cover working with all children, beneficiaries, staff, all visitors and collaborators who come to our centres throughout the year. MWL staff was involved in this process, sharing their ideas, experiences and issues. Their contribution has aided the development of this policy.

The first training included a one day introduction to the topic for all leaders of Foundations in Albania and their protection officers.  This day was sponsored by our European donors and led by ECPAT.  It was held on September 5th. The following day the same ECPAT team led an introductory day regarding safeguarding and protection with all the MWL staff. On Wednesday, September 20th, a training on Safeguarding and Protection was led by the lawyer employed by MWL and the main consultant for the writing of the MWL Protection document. This was with all MWL staff and was held to introduce and explain the content of the draft document being produced and to update this document with the ideas and suggestions from each member. This training day was a continuation of the first training led by ECPAT.  Please click here to read the MWL leaflet of Safeguarding Policy in English and Albanian language.