Albania Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change. The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

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The Arise Foundation and The Mary Ward Loreto Foundation gathered in Tirana, Albania for a two-day training workshop on fundraising for grassroots organizations engaged in anti-slavery work. This workshop covered all aspects of the grant cycle, from researching funders, to proposal writing, to building and maintaining strong relationships with donors.

The 42 participants included RENATE members from Eastern Europe and representatives of many different organizations.

Participants left the workshop with greater confidence in their ability to identify and share their work with potential funders and to write proposals. The participants obtained practice in developing components of good proposals, including log frames and needs statements, received tips and strategies for building funder relationships, and learned key concepts and phrases in anti-slavery funding.

The workshop was led by Forward Motion Strategies’ Managing Director Kate Horner. She has over a decade of experience working with nonprofits on program design, monitoring and evaluation, and grants management.

This workshop gave an excellent opportunity for all organizations to network and share their experiences with fundraising.

We look forward to the collaboration between The Arise Foundation and The Mary Ward Loreto Foundation continuing.


Introduction for Easter Newsletter

It seems appropriate that this introduction is being written on March 8th, the day when we remember human rights for women all over the world. This morning nearly all of the MWL staff were engaged in women’s rights events, even the men! The march was led by many women but also men took a leadership role, working for human rights for all.  Together we can make such a difference…. Please click here to read the MWL Newsletter No.9 in English.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar MWL Newsletter-in Nr.9 në Shqip.


From March 16-17th, 2018 a Workshop: “Journalistic Writing: How you can tell the stories and positions of your organization to the news-media”, took place in Lubljiana, Slovenia, and was managed by ERSTE Foundation Academy. In this workshop there were 18 representatives of organizations from different Balkan countries. Sebastian Gallander (Director of the Vodafone Foundation in Germany) was the speaker and facilitator for the training.

NGOs usually strive to put forward ideas for policy and a change in society, however, they can only succeed when their goals are recognized and understood by the public. Therefore, they need to be explained clearly through the news-media. To that end, NGOs should package their ideas into one of two main products that can be processed by journalists and editors:

  • – the press release, which is written like an objective, and a factual report highlighting the new aspects of the idea and putting it into the larger political / social context
  • – the article (often referred to as Op-Ed), which gives a strong, well-argued opinion about the idea and is supposed to be published under your own name – may it be in the New York Times or at!

Offering these two products to the journalists does not guarantee that the news-media will cover it and that the respective idea will be readily embraced by the public. But it gives the NGO a fair chance to make its voice heard. To prepare the NGO for this, this workshop taught me the basic techniques of these two types of texts. At the same time, it aims helped us sharpen our writing skills overall. This course served to strengthen my sense of developing storylines and narratives that resonate with the public.



Prepared by:

Lulzime Gjyriqi

MWLW Social Worker

As we know this is the fifth year of the MWL Foundation in Albania. During these years we have encountered big challenges and especially the fact that Albania has a population experiencing years of transition. This is not easy. The mission of the MWL Foundation is wide-ranging and includes tackling problems which are blocking change in Albania in the movement towards growth and new life.

The MWL focus is to stop the phenomenon of trafficking by helping people to realise their potential and the values and talents which they have through economic and social empowerment. Being the first Foundation to deal with the broader work in rural and vulnerable areas of the country, it has taken much hard work and, of course, more funding. Our geographic extent has also had a great impact, especially in the vulnerable and isolated areas of the country. This is a potential that has made us closer to these people through inclusive projects that have influenced the integration and strengthening of our focus groups. Collaboration and partnerships have been welded with many and this has helped MWL in the work to eliminate human trafficking in Albania. This needs to be further consolidated to reach an even better result in this focused work of the MWL mission.

Challenges faced that have been part of this journey have been: the registration process, coping with failures of the state, the challenge of funding and domestic donors, the work to achieve cooperation with the local authorities, finding the right partnerships, the country’s culture, geography, lack of education and the isolation in the rural areas. Despite all of these challenges and because of the excellence achieved by this foundation and the strength of the team, MWL has taken the risk to develop the work even further. It is hoped that in the following years Albania will alleviate poverty where they work and Human Trafficking will be a phenomenon of history.


On February 21st MWL foundation organized a training on Emotional Intelligence for the staff members of the MWL Foundation. This training was held at MWL office in Tirana and lead by the MWL staff trainer, Zana Guri. Working on Emotional Intelligence is part of an investment process for the MWL foundation in order to enable its employees to reach their full potential, increase their capacity and improve their leadership abilities.

An introduction related to the role of emotions in our daily life was one of the dimensions that initially opened up the dynamic of the group. This training was characterized by strong self-reflection and self-awareness moments. Feedback from the MWL staff, during the training session, was very energetic and they showed a curiosity to know more about this subject. They showed a desire to improve their emotional intelligence on a personal level and also as a leader to help in their professional development.

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