Albania Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change. The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Mary Ward Loreto Education Project

The Service Learning Training Week in central and Eastern Europe, including the Conference and the TOT, took place from 2nd  – 6th  of October 2017 in Sarajevo. This was a wonderful opportunity to further improve our knowledge and to network with colleagues from the region and it was a great experience for moving more deeply into how to apply a real Service Learning project in a community context. The conference and training was led by experts of Service Learning from CLAYSS and MIOS  from Tuzla. Service Learning is an innovative pedagogy that employs a holistic approach to encourage the development of relevant competencies. This is a response to both the educational challenges of the 21-st century and the needs of local communities.  This week of conference, partners meeting and TOT, served to recognize and enhance comprehension of regional peculiarities and what brings us together.

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation staff and pedagogical staff from Rogationist’s School in Lezhe are now ready to initiate the implementation of the project. The steps have been agreed and we are eager to take this new initiative forward. The aim is to promote a new innovative pedagogical method in enabling students to be not only successful students into the future but also to prepare them as agents leading to social change.

Edlira Gjoni, representing Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.


The 20th International Service-Learning Conference took place on 22th- 26th August 2017, in the San Agustín Conference Hall of Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina.

The conference was organized by CLAYSS, with the support of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the Ministry of Education of Argentina. It gathered teachers, heads and students from schools of all levels and modalities, as well as higher education Institutions and social organizations working with the Service Learning Approach in their work in education.

The Conference takes place within the framework of the International Service-Learning Week and it also included a Service-Learning Research Symposium, where researchers and practitioners of Service Learning share findings and evidence based recommendations for future steps in Service Learning.

The ClayssConference has been established as the most important event for experts and institutions that drive the service-learning pedagogical approach. During the event, 16 parallel workshops were organized, with participants from various experience and background in the development of service-learning practices and programs and with the participation of leading specialists from Argentina, Latin America, and other regions around the world.

For the second year, there were representatives from Central Europe (Matej Bel University in Banksa Bistrica) and for the first time in this conference, Eastern Europe was also invited to participate.

Representing Mary Ward Loreto Foundation and the new initiative on Service Learning Project in Lezha, Ms. Edlira Gjoni participated actively in all sessions of this important event on Service Learning Approach.

Ms. Gjoni participated in all actives during this week of solidarity, accountability, responsibility and new learning approach, which emphasizes the student’s learning outcome based on the service they offer to the community, making them better citizens, leaders and active in their initiative and civic engagement.

The conference is a unique opportunity of sharing and updating among those who are committed to solidarity and service learning as pedagogy. Please click here to read the full report: Service Learning Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina 22-26 August 2017.


Mary Ward Loreto Foundation is ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and is promoting lifelong learning in Albania. The Mary Ward Loreto Education project published the findings of the nationwide research study: “Ethics in the education system in Albania.”(See for full research findings). More than 300 participants took part and it had a great Impact.  In the follow up to this research, Service Learning is being led by Mary Ward Loreto as a model in one Catholic High School in Lezhe. Training in cyber security throughout 2017 – 2018, will follow at a national level.

Meanwhile MWL is working with Women, Youth and Men, providing trainings, campaigns and Workshops on Prevention of Human Trafficking in Person and on many issues related to human empowerment, systemic change and economic empowerment.

In the anti-trafficking, direct work programme, 366 women were engaged in the raising awareness activities against trafficking, gender based violence and women’s rights. These activities were conducted in a network with other NGOs and the national referral mechanisms in the local levels.

Up to now, awareness raising information on Human Anti-trafficking has been delivered in 14 areas of the country, reaching out to 350 young people.

14 trainings have been organized for Men in a Human Development Program on the topic of gender based violence, dependencies and self-confidence, property legalization, positive parenting and medicinal herbs.

Capacity Building for MWL Staff continues. Training on Strategic Planning, SWOT analysis, Marketing and Media, Communications. Individual trainings of staff in ERSTE courses across Eastern Europe have been followed by nearly all members of staff for capacity building.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

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Service-Learning at Rogacionist’s High School in Lezha. Edlira Gjoni, an expert in this field, provided the training for all the pedagogical staff of the school where there was introduced this approach and the benefits it has to the school students, education system and the community. It is a new methodology that tries to combine the learning process in the classroom with the work in the community. It is aiming to promote active engagement, to improve the leadership skills of students to solve real problems in the community through project which will come from the students themselves.  It is just the start and the real implementation will start in September 2017.


MWL Education Project would like to present to you the newly published research work called: Ethics in the Education System in Albania.Thank you to Nora Malaj, Deputy Minister of Education, Zef Preci and the Researchers from ACER, the Coordinator of the project, Gerda Sula and the Board of MWL Education who led this work to its completion. We are grateful to all for such great collaboration throughout this process.

Please click here to read the study report “Ethics in the Education System in Albania”, in English.

Ju lutem klikoni këtu për të lexuar raportin studimor “Etika në Sistemin Arsimor në Shqipëri”, në shqip.

Please click the link below to read the full minutes, including all discussion points, of the MWL Education conference.  We hope you will find these minutes an interesting addition to the excellent Research project now published on this website. Minutes: Conference – Ethics in the Education System in Albania, 13.04.2017

Ju lutem klikoni në linkun e mëposhtëm për të lexuar procesverbalin e plotë, duke përfshirë të gjitha pikat e diskutimit, të konferencës së Arsimit  të MWL-s. Ne shpresojmë që në këtë procesverbal, ju do të gjeni një shtesë interesante për projektin e shkëlqyer kërkimor të botuar tani në këtë faqe interneti. Procesverbali i Konferencës: Prezantimi i Dokumentit Kërkimor: “Etika Në Sistemin Arsimor Në Shqipëri”


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Studimi: Dhuna verbale dhe fizike përdoret si mjet edukimi në shkollat shqiptare