Albania Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change. The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Mary Ward Loreto Education Project

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth are happy to announce the Launching of the Research: “Ethics in the Education System in Albania”, in the northern region of Albania.

Date: 19 May 2018,

Place: Hotel Rozafa, in Shkodra City,

Time: 10:00 – 13:00, (Registrations start at 9:30)

Young people have a right to be empowered with a social and moral awareness in order to thrive in our society. This means preparing young people to be citizens ready to influence the growing democracy. Such values are not only taught but need to be demonstrated by all actors in the life of a school.

The prevalence of unethical behaviour in schools has never been measured before in Albania. Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, initiated a nationwide research in all levels of education, from preschool to Master’s level, in order to measure the severity and frequency of unethical behaviour. This research was conducted by a highly academic team of ACER led by Dr. Zef Preci, using a mixed methodology with a representative sampling for each level of education nationwide.

As an important actor in education in Albania, the voice in the Northern regions of Albania will add value and increase awareness of this situation. This voice of the North, spoken throughout this research, needs to be heard out loud and in public bringing to the table issues, which you consider important, in the education of young citizens in the Northern Regions of Albania.

Should you be interested to participate, please contact us:


Tel: +355 44 500 388


Fondacioni Mary Ward Loreto dhe Ministria e Arsimit, organizon prezantimin e studimit: “Etika në Sistemin Arsimor në Shqipëri”, në zonën e Veriut të Shqipërisë.

Data: 19 Maj 2018

Vendi: Hotel Rozafa, Shkodër

Ora: 10.00 – 13.00 (Regjistrimi fillin ne 9.30)

Të rinjtë kanë nevojë për ndërgjegjësim social dhe moral gjatë arsimimit të tyre, me qëllim që t’i shërbejnë sa më mirë një shoqërie demokratike. Prandaj është e domosdoshme që qytetarët e rinj të përgatiten për jetesën e përbashkët demokratike.  Vlera të tilla nuk jepen vetëm në mësim, por tregohen në zbatim nga të gjithë aktorët në jetën shkollore e universitare.

Mes sfidash të tjera, natyra e sjelljeve joetike në sistemin arsimor është një fushë ende e pa ezauruar në Shqipëri. Fondacioni Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, në bashkëpunim me Ministrinë e Arsimit ndërmori një kërkim shkencor kombëtar në të gjitha nivelet e arsimit që nga kopshti deri në nivel Master, me qëllim matjen e sjelljeve joetike nga të gjithë aktorët: mësuesit, prindërit dhe nxënësit. Kërkimi u realizuar nga një ekip akademik dhe profesionistësh kërkimorë të udhëhequr nga Dr. Zef Preci, duke përdorur metodologji të kombinuar sasiore e cilësore, me një kampionim përfaqësues për secilin nivel arsimimi në gjithë Shqipërinë.

Si një aktor i rëndësishëm në arsimin në Shqipëri, zëri i zonave të veriut të Shqipërisë do të shtojë vlerën dhe do të rrisë ndërgjegjësimin për këtë situatë. Ky zë, i folur përmes këtij hulumtimi, duhet të dëgjohet, duke sjellë në tryezë çështje që ju i konsideroni të rëndësishme, në edukimin e të rinjve në Rajonin e Veriut të Shqipërisë.

Nëse jeni të interesuar të merrni pjesë, ju lutemi na kontaktoni:


Tel: +35544500388

The Hämeenlinna conference turned out to be once again a place where researchers could meet, exchange ideas, projects and research via workshops, training, educational activities, interactive sessions, transformational labs, and other opportunities for cooperation and discussion. The included conference papers will take you back to Hämeenlinna and the most interesting findings shared during the conference.

Mrs. Shpresa Deliaj, Board Member of the MWL Education Project since the beginning, presented in this conference the findings of the MWL Education research “Ethics in the Education System”.

Please find in this publication the MWL Education Project paper and the findings of the study report “Ethics in the Education System” shared during the conference.

Please click here to download the EAPRIL 2017 PROCEEDINGS. (You will find the MWL Education output on the page 310 – 319.)


The MWL Foundation in a joint effort with Rogationist school in Lezhe is implementing the Service-Learning methodology which is planned to be a pilot study project.  The pilot study is ongoing in partnership with a local school and local community activists.

Service learning involves students in service projects which apply classroom learning in collaboration with local organizations that exist to effect positive change in the community. It is defined as “a philosophy, pedagogy, and model for community development that is used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.”

Service learning is learning through action. The students apply what they learn in class to community issues and at the same time learn from the experience as they achieve real objectives for the community.

The pedagogical staffs of Rogationist School are working closely with the MWL staff and the students planning all together the implementation of this new learning approach.  Through the service learning programme, the young people involvement will increase their communication skills and their interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others.  In addition, they will develop personal leadership skills.

The training of the pedagogical staff and 37 students from the School government means that they have been introduced to the methodology and have prepared for the stages of the project implementation.

The students have been trained in the project cycle management to understand what are the stages of a Service Learning project in order to apply these stages into the concrete implementation of the SL projects which will be initiated by the students. Please click here to read the full report.

The Service Learning Training Week in central and Eastern Europe, including the Conference and the TOT, took place from 2nd  – 6th  of October 2017 in Sarajevo. This was a wonderful opportunity to further improve our knowledge and to network with colleagues from the region and it was a great experience for moving more deeply into how to apply a real Service Learning project in a community context. The conference and training was led by experts of Service Learning from CLAYSS and MIOS  from Tuzla. Service Learning is an innovative pedagogy that employs a holistic approach to encourage the development of relevant competencies. This is a response to both the educational challenges of the 21-st century and the needs of local communities.  This week of conference, partners meeting and TOT, served to recognize and enhance comprehension of regional peculiarities and what brings us together.

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation staff and pedagogical staff from Rogationist’s School in Lezhe are now ready to initiate the implementation of the project. The steps have been agreed and we are eager to take this new initiative forward. The aim is to promote a new innovative pedagogical method in enabling students to be not only successful students into the future but also to prepare them as agents leading to social change.

Edlira Gjoni, representing Mary Ward Loreto Foundation.


The 20th International Service-Learning Conference took place on 22th- 26th August 2017, in the San Agustín Conference Hall of Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina.

The conference was organized by CLAYSS, with the support of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the Ministry of Education of Argentina. It gathered teachers, heads and students from schools of all levels and modalities, as well as higher education Institutions and social organizations working with the Service Learning Approach in their work in education.

The Conference takes place within the framework of the International Service-Learning Week and it also included a Service-Learning Research Symposium, where researchers and practitioners of Service Learning share findings and evidence based recommendations for future steps in Service Learning.

The ClayssConference has been established as the most important event for experts and institutions that drive the service-learning pedagogical approach. During the event, 16 parallel workshops were organized, with participants from various experience and background in the development of service-learning practices and programs and with the participation of leading specialists from Argentina, Latin America, and other regions around the world.

For the second year, there were representatives from Central Europe (Matej Bel University in Banksa Bistrica) and for the first time in this conference, Eastern Europe was also invited to participate.

Representing Mary Ward Loreto Foundation and the new initiative on Service Learning Project in Lezha, Ms. Edlira Gjoni participated actively in all sessions of this important event on Service Learning Approach.

Ms. Gjoni participated in all actives during this week of solidarity, accountability, responsibility and new learning approach, which emphasizes the student’s learning outcome based on the service they offer to the community, making them better citizens, leaders and active in their initiative and civic engagement.

The conference is a unique opportunity of sharing and updating among those who are committed to solidarity and service learning as pedagogy. Please click here to read the full report: Service Learning Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina 22-26 August 2017.