Albania Mission Against
Human Trafficking

MARY WARD LORETO is planting hope with a human rights approach to combating modern day slavery. This challenging mission is implemented through works of justice, education, grass roots action and systemic change. The aim is to eradicate poverty, the prime cause for human trafficking.

Monthly Archives: June 2017

The second Mary Ward Lay Conference, organized by the CJ English Province and Friends of Mary Ward will take place in York, this summer. This event will bring together lay friends of Mary Ward from all over the world and four Mary Ward Friends from Albania will join this event. Sr Imelda Poole (IBVM), will be one of the keynote speakers.

We will listen to the experts on ‘Mary Ward, Prophetic Woman’. There will be times for group discussion, visits to Mary Ward places such as the Bar Convent, York Minster, Mulwith, Ripley Castle, Bishop Thornton, Mt Grace and Osbaldwick. There will be a time for meeting and making friends, and time to reflect on who is Mary Ward, the Prophetic Woman for us today.

On August 12th is the International Youth Day: We pray for all young people in the World that they will find purpose in faith, justice, freedom and integrity.

Please click here read the House of Prayer for July and August.

‘Let us pray for all victims of terrorism, for families affected by tragedy and for all the people continue to grieve and are upset by war and terrorism. Let us also pray for those that cause this merciless damage, that they may think of and reflect on their actions and realize the harm they cause, and may be urged to abandon all violence and seek forgiveness. We pray that humanity, in these troubled times, find true and lasting peace, the peace that will only come about when justice and mercy come together.’

Broad Based Organizing initiative was undertaken by a women’s group from Lezha where the issue of Client Service in the resorts of Shengjin was the priority. As a follow up of this issue continued meetings and forums will take place with interested groups and local authorities of the Tourism development sector. The addressing of Client service in Shengjin resorts started with a two days training with various staff working in the receptions, kitchen & bar services and housekeeping. The infrastructure is very good but the standards of services have many improvements to make in order to entice the tourists visiting Lezha and Shengjin to come back again.

Recommendations came out from the training and were presented to the managers of Rafaelo and some other resorts and to the staff present in these places.  There is a lot to be done in this regard but this initiative helped to raise the awareness for the staff and managers that without continuous training it would not be easy to improve the Client Service standards. A thank you goes to Rafaelo resort owners who welcomed this initiative and to the very professional trainers of Hotel-&Tourism school of Tirana. Tourism is a big opportunity for the women of Lezha region therefore Mary Ward Loreto Women would like to continue to support this sector.


In Fier there has been a five-day training with Vincent, specialized artisan in the making of many crafts. Eight young girls were present for this training in handmade mosaics. This was their first training. The girls group learned new techniques for these mosaics, releasing new products.  Following this training a weekly program will be developed with the girls who will work twice a week at the MWL offices in Fier, to continue making  new products.




30 youngsters from Lushnje and Puka, part of the empowering program of MWL Youth, were present in the 2 day training on June 9th – 10th. The two topics covered were: “Job search Training -How to write a Curriculum Vitae” and “Developing entrepreneurship skills”. These important topics were presented by Fatmir Gjoni, one of the best in this field!   Training’s were organized in the beautiful nature of Valbona, where youngsters had a magnificent time exploring and bonding with each other. At the end of activities, everyone felt more confidant in their dreams and ready to try and take risks!